Thursday, December 1, 2011

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From 9/2/2010:

Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Vol. 2
by Nevermet Press
Normal Price: $9.95 Discount Price: $8.50

Looking for the best content and commentary from RPG Blogosphere? Loved OGT Volume 1? Well - Open Game Table, Volume 2 was released at GenCon'10 and is now available as a PDF eBook! Inside you'll find interviews with Dave Arneson, Jonathan Roberts, and Robin D. Laws; and inciteful forward about the state of RPGs by White Wolf Designer Justin Achilli, and dozens of amazing articles that will take your game to the next level. As a special discount from this newsletter - you can grab it today to complete your collection for the same 60%-off coverprice discount available through Two-Volume Bundle New to Open Game Table? Grab the Volume 1 & 2 Open Game Table together in our Two-Volume BUNDLE for over 60% OFF THE COVER! Original, vetted 4E D&D content and much more are included in both volumes! Over 120 peer-reviewed and impactful posts from over 50 authors in the RPG blogosphere. LEVEL UP YOUR GAME - AND GET OPEN GAME TABLE TODAY!

Newest Free Products

Trophy Case vol. 1, no. 1
by Games by Scott Casper

Now the HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS campaign has its own support newsletter! The premiere issue features the first part of a review of the Golden Age Flash Archives, Swords & Wizardry-compatible statistics for a new mobster - the evil eye - and a so...

Sartar Clan Questionairre
by Issaries

The Sartar Clan Questionnaire contains all the questions for the Clan Questionnaire from the Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes book (but without the answers) to help your players create their own clan. Players have found just filling out the questionairre shows t...

From 12/2/2010:

Newest Free Products

Trophy Case vol. 1, no. 2
by Games by Scott Casper

HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS is back with more goodies, like a new mobster, a new character class, more golden age comic reviews, and a first -- conversion notes for playing a classic MSH game with H&H!

Shark Bone Podcast - CHUM07
by Shark Bone Games

CHUM episodes are our version of bonus episodes. And this one is super-bonus. It's me (Devon) talking, audio-blog style, about gaming. Practicing our gaming. This is the hobby we love? Why DON'T we practice it to make it/ourselves...

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