Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Marvel 52-Title Relaunch - pt. 3

The final titles. Would these all work, with the right creative teams involved? I think so...

Uncanny X-Men. A 26-page adventure serial featuring the X-Men in 1990. Six years after the other series, Wolverine, Pyslocke, Banshee, Forge, Polaris, Legion, and Amanda Sefton form a new X-Men after the rest of the team disappeared through the Siege Perilous. The new team has to deal with the Crusher, the Genoshans, and Fenris.
Power Man and Iron Fist. A 26-page adventure serial featuring Heroes for Hire in 1991. Power Man and Iron Fist have joined forces with the Daughters of the Dragon in more ways than one, as Luke and Colleen and Daniel and Misty have been married couples for five years. Between mortgage worries and just wanting to get away from the kids every so often, the four decide to team-up and relaunch their work-for-hire business, just in time for the return of Chiantang, the Black Dragon, in human form, and Master Khan.
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. A 21-page adventure serial featuring Spider-Man in 1992. Peter and Mary Jane Parker are in their 40s. Peter is a police captain who still moonlights as Spider-Man. Mary Jane is a successful TV actress. Their adult daughter has been the new Spider-Woman for the last three years. Father and daughter fight crime together, with Peter hanging back and mentoring more. The Spider Family tackles the likes of the Punisher, the Hobgoblin, and the Rose. A 5-page back-up feature rotates between Medusa, Quicksilver, and the Black Widow and what they're doing these days.
Marvel Super Special. A 26-page anthology with two 13-page stories spotlighting different characters each issue, set in 1993.
New Mutants. A 26-page adventure serial featuring a team of would-be X-Men, recruiting young mutants to train to fight, in 1994. The main roster is Cable, Shatterstar, Siryn, Warpath, and Rictor and they will fight villains like Arcade, Black Tom Cassidy, and the Grandmaster.
Marvel Age. A 22-page $1 comic featuring news about the various titles and clues as to how they will all fit together into one continuity.
Alpha Flight. A 26-page adventure serial featuring Canada's team of superheroes in 1996. The roster is Wildheart, Windshear, Talisman, Persuasion, Witchfire, Box, and Diamond Lil, tackling the likes of Hardliner, Carcass, and Dreamqueen.

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