Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minimalist Hideouts & Hoodlums Heroes

I was looking at my notes for a solo H&H game I ran my girlfriend through for a month or so and thought it might be useful to show just how little I needed for stats on the Heroes to run the game for her.  Most of the stats should look familiar.  After each Hero's real name is their hero name, followed by their level title in parentheses. 

Jared Cross, Century Man (Good Man)
hp 7  AC 9  Browning HP auto pistol  Base Saves 13
STR 14  XP 1,340

Molly Ringwald, Azure Enchantress (Medium)
hp 5 AC 9 Knife  Base Saves 13
INT, DEX 13  XP 1,340
Spells:  Cure Light Wounds

Brett Sinclair, Beastman (Beat Cop)
hp 6  AC 7  Browning .30 auto rifle Base Saves 13
STR 12  XP 1,340

Cleo Evans, Alpha-Woman (Extraordinary Woman)
hp 19  AC 9  Browning .30 auto rifle, 10 $15 gems
INT, WIS 17  XP 3,552   Base Saves 12

Powers:  Change Self, Multi-Attack

Clark Kent, Superman (Good Man)
hp 8  AC 7  Base Saves 13
STR, CON 18  XP 1,010

Steel Condor, Elijah, alien (Beat Cop)
hp 12  AC 4  Browning .30 auto rifle, shield  Base Saves 13
WIS, CHA 16  XP 440 

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