Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Avengers Alliance: 1965

Another project I don't have time to do more than outline -- I'm a fan of the computer game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, but the biggest problem with it for me is that it's based on current Marvel Comics and everything Marvel puts out these days is garbage.  What I want to do is write a fanfiction series setting Avengers Alliance right smack where it should be -- 1965, when SHIELD and Hydra were first introduced.  And it would finally give me a chance to write a "Mary Sue" story. 

Scott Casper, Agent of SHIELD
Prologue:  July 1965

Agent Casper called into the field to help Captain America stop the Black Widow.  Casper is outfitted with an experimental needle gun that has little stopping power.  The Black Widow is in Times Square, stealing confidential documents from a truck.  For backup, she has two goons with VLAW’s and a goon in a prototype powered armor suit.  The Widow gets away, but the Captain separates her from the briefcase of documents while holding off two of the goons.  Casper finds his needle gun next to useless, but disarms the goon on him, takes his VLAW, and uses it to crack the powered armor.  After that, Cap is able to shred the suit and take out the remaining goons. 
Mission 1:  August 1965

Agent Casper is sent to the Meat-Packing District to meet Hawkeye and hand him documents about the Swordsman.  Casper is assigned a Spirit-76 handgun.  There, Casper is intercepted by a Hydra soldier and a Hydra “burner” with a flame thrower.  Casper dodges them until Hawkeye shows up to help, then the two join forces against the Swordsman, who also wants to stop Hawkeye from reading his rap sheet.  In a draw, the Swordsman escapes.

Mission 2: September 1965

Agent Casper is sent to Alberia to observe the Iron Man/Titanium Man televised fight and make sure the Titanium Man doesn’t cheat.  Casper is assigned a WMI T’cha sub-machine gun.  Casper finds and overpowers a bioterrorist and a physicist threatening Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts with a VLAW.  Iron Man convinces Casper to stay out of his fight with the Titanium Man, though.

Mission 3: October 1965

When Thor has a very public first battle with the Absorbing Man, SHIELD dispatches Agent Casper to the scene, this time equipped with a “barking dog” shotgun.  Humbled by the cosmic forces being unleashed around him, Casper is only useful for crowd control until three Hydra soldiers show up, hoping to recruit the Absorbing Man.  Casper defeats all three, despite one having a flame thrower and another has a VLAW (Thor helps a little).

Mission 4:  November 1965

Agent Casper is assigned to protect Millie the Model, who Hydra is for some reason after.  Agent Casper is allowed to call in Hawkeye for help if needed, which Casper does when four Hydra soldiers show up, two with flame throwers.  Casper learns a Hydra agent hid microfilm in Millie’s purse and the Hydra soldiers have come to retrieve it and burn her house down.  Casper calls in Hawkeye only when the house catches on fire and Hawkeye arrives in time to nab two of the Hydra soldiers escaping from Casper.  Hawkeye is uncertain if positive about Agent Casper.

Mission 5:  December 1965

Right after debuting, the anti-mutant Sentinel robots go rogue and attack everywhere in New York.  The Melter captures a Sentinel robot and reprograms it to work for Hydra.  Agent Casper is assigned to back-up Captain America as they go into a Hydra base and shut the captured Sentinel down.  Captain America has a positive impression of Agent Casper by the end of the battle (during which the Melter escapes).

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