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The Sam O'Shea Project

Like the Clyde Beatty Project, this post will supplement an article in the next issue of The Trophy Case zine, vol. 2 no. 5.
#1 -- December 1938 – (“Phantom” in Feature Book #20) – Sam O’Shea is vacationing from college in Qatar when he spies pearl pirates and jumps right in to thwart them. While fighting the pirates in their lair, Sam finds a magic crystal that transports him back in time (710 xp in Fighter).
#2 -- January 1939 – (“Magic Crystal of History” feature in More Fun Comics #39) – Sam finds himself in Qatar in 1588, then under the control of the Ottoman Empire. After one month of adjusting to his new life, the magic expires and Sam is returned to the present (730 xp in
Fighter) .
#3 -- February 1939 – (“Salesman Sam” feature in The Funnies #29) – Sam tries to readjust to life in the present, getting a door-to-door salesman job to help make ends meet, but still craves adventure (740 xp in Fighter).
#4 -- March 1939 – (“Slim and Tubby” feature in Feature Funnies #18) – With graduation approaching, Sam helps a guy nicknamed “Tubby” on his research paper and Tubby becomes his sidekick (860 xp in Fighter)
#5 -- April 1939 – (“Apple Mary and Dennie” feature in Crackajack Funnies #10) – Emboldened by his lack of chances after they graduate, Sam asks out Mary Dennie, who says yes and becomes his girlfriend (1,000 xp in Fighter)
#6 -- May 1939 – (“Abbie and Slats” feature in Comics on Parade #14) – Tubby makes a joke about too-serious cop O’Kelly and winds up with a huge fine. Sam and Mary manage to smooth things over with O’Kelly and convince him to drop the charge (1,250 xp in Fighter).
#7 -- June 1939 – (“Pete the Tramp” feature in Ace Comics #27) – Sam, Mary, and Tubby try to protect Pete the Tramp from O’Kelly, even if it means being late for their graduation ceremony (1,560 xp in Fighter).
#8 -- July 1939 – (“Archie O’ Toole” feature in Feature Comics #22) – Mary gets a job at the local orphanage, where Archie O’Toole, a boy convinced he’s really a king, leads a protest. Sam comes in to help Mary diplomatically restore peace (1,680 xp in Fighter).
#9 -- August 1939 – (“Chuck Dawson” feature in Action Comics #15) – Sam has to use fighting skills he hasn’t needed for a long time when “Killer” Keefe develops an interest in Mary (1,840 xp in Fighter).
#10 -- September 1939 – (“Sandman” feature in Adventure Comics #42) – When the Sandman goes looking to protect old service buddies from a murderer, he encounters Sam because Sam’s father “Happy” recently died (from natural causes, it turns out, unrelated to the murders). Sam
aides the Sandman in catching the killer, “Teeter” Sneed, and becomes interested in becoming a vigilante. (2,000 xp in Fighter – 2nd level!)
#11 -- October 1939 – (“Mortimer Mum” feature in Feature Comics #24) – Tubby, whose real name is Mortimer, decides to play detective and find out who in his community helped the Sandman last month and stumbles onto Sam’s secret, which Tubby agrees to keep silent about (2.110 xp in Fighter).
#12 -- November 1939 – (“Ray Powers, Eagle Scout” feature in Famous Funnies #64) – Sam, a longtime Eagle Scout himself, becomes a den leader for cub scouts while trying to decide how best to go about becoming a hero (2,150 xp in Fighter).
#13 -- December 1939 – (“Charlie Chan” feature in Feature Comics #26) – Sam tries to apprentice himself to Charlie Chan when the famous detective comes to town and does succeed in helping the detective (2,210 xp in Fighter).
#14 -- January 1940 – (“Tarzan” feature in Crackajack Funnies #19) – Sam and Tubby are asked to accompany a group of Eagle Scouts on safari to Africa. A gorilla attack separates Sam and Tubby from the scouts, but Sam and Tubby eventually find the scouts, being protected by a
group of lost Boer warriors (2,380 xp in Fighter).
#15 -- February 1940 – (“The Gay Thirties” feature in Famous Funnies #67) – Sam is still on safari in the Congo. He has the magic crystal with him, that he’s always carried, and is staring into it while daydreaming about the past when it activates again. This time, Sam is transported to 1931 to observe the Pende Revolt against the French Colonialists, but doesn’t get to stay long enough to make a difference (2,400 xp in Fighter).
#16 -- March 1940 – (“Camilla” feature in Jungle Comics #30) – Sam returned to the present only to find Tubby and the Eagle Scouts captured again.  He tracks them to a hidden empire ruled by the She-like Camilla.  Her fancy for Sam allows him to safely sneak out Tubby and the others to freedom (2,560 xp in Fighter).
#17 – April 1940 – (“Masked Pilot” feature in Popular Comics #50) –Sam, et al. are on their way back to the States by plane, but the plane is actually being piloted by foreign spies taking them to
Mexico.  Sam leads an uprising onboard and takes over the plane, then is forced to land it (2,740 xp in Fighter).
#18 – May 1940 – (“Danny Dash, Globe Trotter” feature in War Comics #2) – The plane landed in Mexico, where Sam, et al. are stranded on the night that the “gray hordes from the center of the Earth” rise up to raid (orcs?) (2,900 xp in Fighter).
#19 – June 1940 – (“Planet Patrol” feature in Silver Streak Comics #5) – Sam has become a local leader in the defense of Mexico against the gray hordes.  From captured hordelings, Sam learns that they have come to the surface expecting to meet allies there.  The allies show up from space – The Toad Men of Titan (lizard men?) (3,060 xp in Fighter).
#20 – July 1940 – (“Flying Trio” feature in Crash Comics Adventures #3) – Sam decides it’s time to get Tubby and the boys out of Mexico, so he commandeers a 1912 Bristol Coanda monoplane and flies them all back home (and keeps the plane) (4,010 xp – 3rd level Fighter!).
#21 – August 1940 – (“Dr. Dekkar” feature in Prize Comics #6) – After being a terrible boyfriend for 11 months, Sam goes looking for Mary and finds Dr. Dekkar has turned her into a tiger-woman in his first step in creating a race of animal-men.  Sam saves Mary (4,160 xp in
#22 – September 1940 – (“Babe Bunting” feature in Famous Funnies #73) – While Mary is slowly losing her tiger-like abilities, she takes an interest in playing baseball and disguises herself as a man to play.  Sam realizes he had lost interest in pursuing Mary during his
adventures, but is impressed enough to fall for her all over again (4,180 xp in Fighter).
#23 – October 1940 – (“Blast Bennett” feature in Weird Comics #7) – Sam and Mary start dating again as soon as Mary’s facial hair goes away (though she still has a 9” tail!).  The fakir Karnak comes to town on Halloween, falls for Mary, and tries to claim her as his bride.  Sam intervenes (4,360 xp in Fighter).
#24 – November 1940 – (“Lone Eagle” feature in Thrilling Comics #10) – Sam and Mary go flying around the country in his Bristol Coanda.  In Virginia, a robber named Rossi tries to steal the plane from them.  Sam intervenes (4,440 xp in Fighter).
#25 – December 1940 – (“Wizard” feature in Shield-Wizard Comics #2) – After a long dormancy, the magic crystal reactivates, transporting Sam to 1812 Colonial America.  This time, he is able to hold Mary’s hand and bring her along.  They both intervene, on the side of the Colonialists (4,660 xp in Fighter).

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