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"Dun" Drover, Cowboy Spy

Continuing from this project.

#1 - September 1939 – (“Red Ryder” feature in Crackajack Funnies #15) – Dun Drover rides the range and chases off a rustler (40 xp in Cowboy).
#2 – October 1939 – (“Biff Bronson” feature in More Fun Comics #48) – Dun is recruited by a government agent to go on a secret mission to Spain and track down a missing American (100 xp in Cowboy).
#3 – November 1939 – (“Sis Sez” feature in King Comics #43) – Dun returns to America, successful, and stops in New York City to visit his sister, Ruth (200 xp in Cowboy).
#4 – December 1939 – (“Chuck Dawson” feature in Action Comics #19) – Dun returns out west to find being a cowboy is boring to him now, to the point where he tracks down a boot thief (240 xp in Cowboy).
#5 – January 1940 – (“Capt. Cook of Scotland Yard” feature in Smash Comics #6) – Dun joins U.S. Espionage Division just in time to investigate a mysterious dirigible pilot terrorizing New England cities (240 xp in Cowboy/-80 xp in Spy).
#6 – February 1940 – (“Mr. Satan” feature in Zip Comics #1) – When a young girl’s father goes missing in the German embassy, Dun investigates and finds it a plot by a Count Bocker to find a mystic item called the Eye of Oglu (240 xp in Cowboy/-20 xp in Spy).
#7 – March 1940 – (“Herky” feature in Popular Comics #49) – Dun is taken off the task of searching for Count Bocker and the Eye of Oglu and is put on guard detail for the girl, “Tippy” Nelson, and her brother Arnold, who like to get into mischief (240 xp in Cowboy/180 xp in Spy).
#8 – April 1940 – (“Fantasy Isle” feature in Amazing Mystery Funnies #19) – While bored with his assignment, Dun misses the abduction by the Nelson children.  He pursues them to “Fantasy Isle”, in the Atlantic, where the Eye of Oglu had been kept and the Nelson children are now held by its worshippers (240 xp in Cowboy/230 xp in Spy).
#9 – May 1940 – (“Rance Keane” feature in Feature Comics #32) – Still on Fantasy Isle, Dun investigates the death of the only other American on the island, “Bus” Pritchard, and suspects Count Bocker is already on the island (240 xp in Cowboy/260 xp in Spy).
#10 – June 1940 – (“Ellery Queen” feature in Crackajack Funnies #24) – Count Bocker kills again on the island while Dun slowly ferrets out which islander is the Count in disguise.  Dun figures it out and saves a third victim (240 xp in Cowboy/390 xp in Spy).
#11 – July 1940 – (“Scoop Smith” feature in Whiz Comics #6) – Dun has his final showdown with Count Bocker, finds the Eye of Uglo (which Bocker had guessed correctly magically returned to the island), and is proclaimed emperor of the island.  But turns it down to get the Nelson children back home to the States (240 xp in Cowboy/1,700 xp in Spy).
#12 – August 1940 – (“Did You Know That” feature in Popular Comics #54) – Reporting back in to U.S. Espionage Division, Dun is briefed by a Lt. Tito Falconi for an undercover mission to Japan (240 xp/1,800 xp in Spy – 2nd level!).
#13 – September 1940 – (“Prop Powers” feature in National Comics #3) – After a long trip across the Pacific, aviator “Prop” Powers flies Dun into Japan (240 xp/1,960 xp in Spy).
#14 – October 1940 – (“Chip Collins” feature in Fight Comics #9) – Dun makes his rendezvous with Chip Collins and begins a manhunt for the Japanese air force general called “The War-Eagle” (240 xp/2,140 xp in Spy).
#15 – November 1940 – (“Black X” feature in Smash Comics #16) – Dun and Chip pursue the War-Eagle into China (240 xp/2,300 xp in Spy).
#16 – December 1940 – (“Human Torch” feature in Human Torch #3) – After sabotaging the War-Eagle’s plane (a trap the War-Eagle escapes), Dun finds a dead Chinese scientist in his bombed lab and saves a half-android boy named Tai who becomes Dun’s sidekick (240 xp/2,600 xp in Spy).
#17 – January 1941 – (“Flash Picture Novelette” feature in Flash Comics #13) – Dun stays in China to try and find Tai’s parents and locates an older sister, Min, who Dun starts to fall for while saving her from a blackmailer (240 xp/2,920 xp in Spy).
#18 – February 1941 – (“Spark Stevens” feature in Green Mask #4) – Dun is sneaking Tai and Min out of China when he hears of a very familiar attack dirigible terrorizing India.  Yes, it’s the same mad scientist who escaped from Dun 13 months earlier, now calling himself The Master.  Dun takes him down (240 xp/3,140 xp in Spy).
#19 – March 1941 – (“Greasemonkey Griffin” feature in Wing Comics #7) – En route by ship to South Africa, Dun, Tai, and Min’s boat is attacked by a Nazi U-boat (240 xp/3,490 xp in Spy).
#20 – April 1941 – (“Spin Shaw” feature in Feature Comics #43) – In South Africa, Dun, Tai, and Min run into hoodlums trying to shake down an airport (240 xp/3,810 xp in Spy – 3rd level!).
#21 – May 1941 – (“Blaze Barton” feature in Hit Comics #11) – While still in South Africa, aliens attack, using some sort of vacuum-like weapon to suck up diamonds to their ship.  Dun and Tai borrow a plane, board the alien ship, and while trying to take control of it, accidentally set off its self-destruct (240 xp/5,070 xp in Spy).
#22 – June 1941 – (“Jungle Detective” feature in Wonderworld Comics #26) – Dun and Tai came down in the jungles of Africa, still trying to find their way out so they can be reunited with Min (240 xp/5,190 xp in Spy).
#23 – July 1941 – (“Dr. Mortal” feature in Weird Comics #16) – Dun and Tai stumble across a Nazi science lab in the jungle where a cosmic wave monster has been unleashed.  Dun and Tai manage to beat it after a dying scientist figures out how to use the cosmic wave rifle that Dun had earlier brought back from the alien spacecraft (240 xp/6,070 xp in Spy).

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