Sunday, December 29, 2013

Player Character Morgue: Adolphus Magnusson

My solo gaming has continued through classic AD&D modules, including the Tomb of Horrors.  Deterred by traps and unable to find their way very deep into the tomb, the PCs had to leave behind Adolphus Magnusson, trapped in the forsaken prison.

Adolphus was the highest level character I'd played in a long time, raised all the way from 1st level to 9th.  I had run his original party through Castle Blackmoor and Tegel Manor, then he joined a different group of PCs I was running through the G and D series modules.  They made it all the way to the Vault of the Drow, though they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers in the Vault and had to flee for their lives.

I even tried to get Adolphus in a non-solo game when one of my friends was running Expedition to Castle Greyhawk, but Adolphus was rejected because of some non-standard magic items.

Adolphus was fabulously wealthy and certainly didn't need to keep adventuring for a living.  But he adventured to live.  Until he died.

Character Name:  Adolphus Magnusson
Race/Sex:  Half-Elf/Male
Alignment:  Neutral
Regional Origin:  Blackmoor
Faith: Nature worship
Level/Title:  9/Initiate of the 7th Circle
Experience Points:  109,361
XP Bonus:  +10%

Strength:  15
Intelligence:  14
Wisdom:  17
Dexterity:  11
Constitution:  14
Charisma:  16

Hit Points:  52
Armor Class:  6

Special Abilities:  Druidic spells; identifies plants, animals, pure water; pass without trace at will; +2 to save vs. fire and lightning; 30% resist sleep and charm; 60' infra-vision; 1 in 6 chance to find concealed doors within 10'; 3 in 6 chance to find concealed doors if sought

Spells Typically Memorized:
1st - Detect Magic, Entangle x2, Faerie Fire, Invisibility to Animals, Locate Animals, Speak with Animals
2nd - Charm Person or Mammal, Create Water, Cure Light Wounds x2, Heat Metal, Warp Wood
3rd - Cure Disease, Hold Animal, Neutralize Poison, Stone Shape
4th - Cure Serious Wounds x2
5th - Commune with Nature

Treasure Stashed:  3,377 cp; 5,823 sp; 5 ep; 14,170 gp; 20 pp; 3 amber stones worth 10 gp each; 3 gems worth 50 gp each; 3 gems worth 100 gp each; 1 gold sickle worth 90 gp; 8 crystals worth 10 gp each; 7 pearls worth 100 gp each; 4 scrolls worth 1,000 gp each; 2 books worth 2,500 gp each; 3,724 gp in folios; 1 ruby worth 100 gp; 1 topaz worth 100 gp; 1 garnet worth 10 gp; 3 gems worth 10 gp each

Magic Items:  Silver War Hammer +2, Silver Torc of Spell Reflection (65% effective), Ring of Spell Storing (Animal Summoning I, Call Woodland Beings, Dispel Magic, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Fire), Scroll of Plant Growth and Control Weather, Wooden Shield +1, Dagger +1

Other Mundane Equipment:  Leather armor, leather backpack, large belt pouch, 1 garlic bud, 1 bunch of greater mistletoe, 3 days of iron rations, 2 iron spikes

Mount:  Agamemnon, a heavy warhorse

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