Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Best of Out-of-Context Theater - pt. 1

You may have seen websites like this before -- panels of comic book art, taken out of context, where it can be shown to have a (probably unintentional) funny double meaning. The name "out-of-context theater" came from fellow RPG author Steve Miller, who started posting these on Facebook in 2014. The following year, I started posting more, exclusively from 1930s-era comic books. These are the best of those posts.

Warning: this is the most risque humor you're likely to ever see from me on this blog.

Ben Webster's Page (The Funnies #2).

From "Marty McCann, Champion of the Navy" (More Fun Comics #23).

From Funny Picture Stories v. 2 #2 (1937).

From Funny Picture Stories v. 2 #3 (1937).

From Detective Comics #10.

"Car jerkin" may mean something different than I think it does. From Famous Funnies #43 (Feb. 1938).

From Action Comics #3.

Zatara doesn't understand why this always makes the female escorts nervous.

Cheaper this way...

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