Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Three Magic Items

These items, written for D&D, were wasted on a Tenkar's Tavern contest.

Enlar's Disenchanting Hammer: Once there was a king who bestowed magic weapons to his most favored knights.  The most special weapons were enchanted by the Wizard-Smith Enlar, favored retainer of the king.  Enlar was proud of all his handiwork and had etched into each his personal symbol of entwined antlers.  But the day came when Enlar left the confines of his laboratory-smithy and traveled abroad, and during these travels he discovered that the king he served was not a good
king and that his knights used his weapons to commit acts of evil across the land.  Devastated, Enlar fled back to his smithy to craft one last magic item.  The hammer with which he had long used to make weapons became his last weapon, one which a champion could use to undo what he had wrought before.

Enlar's Disenchanting Hammer appears to be a black, cold iron smithing hammer with entwined antlers etched into both sides.  The 18-inch handle is an iron rod, wrapped in silver filigree on the upper half and one strip of gargoyle hide around the lower half.

The weapon is a Hammer +1, at first.  Every time the wielder hits with a natural 20 in combat, the Hammer disenchants one random magic item on the target completely of all magic, and bestows an additional +1 to hit and damage with the Hammer.  Each cumulative enchantment is temporary, lasting only 1 hour, and cannot exceed +5 at any given time.

The Disenchanting Hammer is powered by conflict and cannot disenchant by any other means, such as being touched to magic items before combat to "charge it up".

Cero's Shield of Instant Summons: Cero's Shield is a round bronze disc 30 inches in diameter, with runes of conjuration magic etched around its diameter.

The Shield is a Shield +3 in combat.  The owner of the Shield does not have to carry it with him; it can be left anywhere and magically summoned to the owner's hand with a spoken command word so long as it is within 15 miles of the owner.  In addition, the owner need merely drop or place the shield on the ground, speak a second command word, and a single being will appear in 10 minutes.  The summoned being will retrieve the shield for the owner and then serve him, exactly as one would if summoned by a Monster Summoning I spell (roll for the spell to determine the being summoned, ignoring monsters without hands).

Both special functions of the shield will only function once per day.

Janzymir's Boots of Time Jumping:  Janzymir was a patriarch of the god of time's church.  The idea of traveling faster through time consumed him, for he fervently believed that he would reach his god in this way.  He drained his temple's coffers and commissioned a host of wizards to develop such magic and, while they did not succeed to the degree Janzymir had hoped, they did create something truly novel.

Janzymir's Boots of Time Jumping appear to be a rich man's embroidered cloth indoor boots, but if held up to the light and examined closely one can see what appears to be sand flowing down through the empty space in the fabric.  This 'sand of time' cannot be shaken out of the boots by any means and any other attempt to remove it would destroy the boots.

The wearer of the Boots can, twice per day, physically make a broad jump in the boots (it does not have to be long; jumping just two ft. will do) and will the Boots to transfer him to a point in the near
future.  The wearer will skip over 1-3 minutes of game time before reappearing.

There is a danger of using the Boots too often; there is a 1% cumulative chance per time jump of the wearer being aged 1 year for every time the wearer has time jumped up to that point.