Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chronology of Fanfiction: The Atomic Age

April-May 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Captain America
"Superland: Prologue"
Walt Disney unveils the plans for an even more ambitious Disneyland City -- a theme park merged with the city of Anaheim, made into a 'world of tomorrow' with tech donated from alien refugees. Captain Comet comes to investigate the aliens, while Scotty and Cap move there for more personal reasons.
(Available in the files section of the Superland Yahoo!Group, under the name "Prologue"; membership required for access)

July 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Dynamic Man, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Batman II
"The Conscience of Colu" (incomplete)
While Scotty is tempted by a coworker, Dr. Eternity settles into Disneyland City, an adult Dick Grayson now serving as Batman investigates in Long Beach, and Captain Comet and Dynamic Man are transported to an alien world, where they learn of the coming threat of Braniac.

"The Saint Is Plane Crazy"
The Saint meets Mickey Mouse.

August 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Dynamic Man, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Mr. Terrific
"The Superhero Clubhouse"(incomplete)
Capt. Comet's road trip from Chicago, Dr. Eternity vs. the Red Skull, and everyone in the Superhero Clubhouse vs. the Crime Candle's wave of arson.

September 1955 - Captain Comet, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Superman, Wonder Man
"Diaspora from the Clubhouse" (incomplete)
Captain Comet vs. Shiwan Khan, Dr. Eternity vs. Moriarty, Superman vs. Baron Zemo, and Wonder Man vs. drug smugglers in Nepal.

"The Gallopin' Shadow"
The Shadow meets Mickey Mouse.

October 1955 - Captain Comet, Kid/Dr. Eternity
"The Final Problems" (incomplete)
Captain Comet and other heroes fly off with Spacehawk to confront Braniac at last, while Dr. Eternity and his allies finally solve the mystery of Moriarty.

(The adventures from July-October summarize the events of the Superland play-by-post campaign)

"The Savage Dance"
Doc Savage Meets Mickey Mouse.

November 1955
"The Mandrake House"
Mandrake the Magician meets Mickey Mouse.

December 1955
"When the Superheroes Are Away"
Phantom and Sheena vs. Cat Nipp

January 1956
"The Battle for Mickey Mouse"
The Justice Society of America and the Guardians of Disneyland City meet to discuss what to do with a living Mickey Mouse.

(The Mickey Mouse series was written to introduce the characters from Disney cartoons into the shared universe of comic strip/book heroes)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Chronology of Fanfiction - The Golden Age

Below is a list of links to fanfiction I have written (some of it uses pastiche characters as substitutions), in order of when the stories occur, with notes for which stories have yet to be finished or written.  Work in progress!

6/36 - Lone Marshal
"The Lone Marshal" (printed in The Trophy Case v. 2 no. 2)
The trail of some rustlers lead to the Cordell Ranch.

9/36 - Dr. Mystic
Dr. Mystic lies dying on the sands of Egypt during the final battle with Koth, but he has one more favor to ask of Zator.

4/37 - Skipper Ham Shanks
"See You in the Funny Pages - Part 1"
The Skipper and his crew go their separate ways to their happy endings (not written).

7/37 - Dickie Duck
"See You in the Funny Pages - Part 2"
Dickie Duck, brought to life by magic ink two years ago, realizes he is still basically a child and allows himself to be adopted (not written).

6/38 - Superman
"Superman and the Comic Book"
After reading about comic book adventures, Superman reflects on what he can do to change the world.

7/38 - Superman
"Superman vs. Walter"
Clark has a jealous rival at the Daily Star and decides to do something about it.

8/38 - Superman
"Superman and the Radio Show"
Mutual tries to put Superman on the air.

9/38 - Superman
"Superman vs. Curly"
Clark takes care of the prankster on the Daily Star staff. 

(All four Superman stories above can be found on the Superland Yahoo!Group, in the files section, collated in a document called "Superman 1938"; membership required to access)

10/38 - Superman
“Superman’s Race”
(also available here)
When Superman tries to help a man in need, it leads to a race Superman may not be able to win.

11/38 - Superman
Superman meets the true crime genre as he confronts Eliot Ness and tackles the mystery of the Torso Killer.

3/39 - Superman
Superman intervenes in the Spanish Civil War and makes a difficult decision with unexpected help. 

7/39 - Bart Regan, Federal Agent
"He's Such a Fathead!"
Bart is called to investigate spies threatening to sabotage the newly unveiled Teddy Roosevelt head on Mount Rushmore. His fiancee, Amelia, comes along and unwittingly helps uncover the spies (not written).

12/39 - Batman
"Curse of the Ruby Idol" (unfinished)

1/40 - Superman
“The Chase”
(also available here)
Superman thinks this is the final battle with the Ultra-Humanite, but Ultra has other plans, if the Japanese Navy will help him.

2/40 - Superman
Terry Curtis is the bait -- but for Superman's trap or the Ultra-Humanite's?

3/40 - Superman
“The Dover Affair” 
(also available here)
Old friends try to help Lois and Clark escape spies in England. Guest-starring Black X!

4/40 - Superman
Superman is trying to help liberate Norway when an old thorn in his side turns up again...

5/40 - Superman
“The Path” (unfinished)
6/40 - Superman
“Superman in the Hidden Valley of Yu-Atlanchi” (planned)
7/40 - Superman
“Superman and Adana” (planned)
8/40 - Superman
“Superman at the Face in the Abyss” (planned)
9/40 - Superman
“Superman in the Cavern of the Lost Wisdom (planned)
10/40 - Superman
“Superman in Colombia” (planned)
11/40 - Dr. Occult, Sandy Kean of Radio Squad

1/41 - Sub-Mariner
When Namor the Sub-Mariner doesn't think you're watching his back, he shows up to tell you off!

3/41 - Sub-Mariner
“Sub-Mariner vs. a Stroll through Manhattan”
Namor and Betty Dean take a walk to discuss some things.

5/41 - Sub-Mariner
“Sub-Mariner vs. Sub”
Namor wrecks a German U-Boat, just because he can.

Minute Man

Minute Man, with Yugoslav General Draža Mihailović and a group of 80 soldiers and officers, crosses the Drina River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, arrive at Ravna Gora, in western Nazi-occupied Serbia and start fighting with German occupation troops. Major von Hartz is distracted by a crisis of conscience. (planned)

6/41 - Captain Marvel/Major Magus
“Invasion of the Scorpions from Space” (published in The Trophy Case v. 2, no. 3)
The first alien spaceship since Superman's rocket appears over Earth in modern times!

7/41 - Sub-Mariner
“Sub-Mariner vs. the Killer”
Betty gets abducted while on the job. Namor to the rescue!

Minute Man
Italian aircraft damage the British destroyer HMS Fearless which has to be sunk, despite Minute Man’s efforts to defend it (planned)

8/41 - Captain Marvel/Major Magus
“Skala’s Paralyzing Gas” (published in The Trophy Case v. 2, no. 4)
Skala's adult children have returned from the Moon, one intent on revenge and the other intent on romance.

8/41 - Sub-Mariner
"The Sub-Mariner and the Jeep" (planned)
Namor interviews a U.S. Army Colonel about coordinating Atlantis’ relief efforts for Europe with America’s.  While there, Namor sees a prototype jeep for the first time and wants one so he just takes it.

9/41 - Sub-Mariner
"Namor's Flying Jeep" (planned)
Namor has taken the jeep back to Atlantis and had it modified into a flying jeep.  Flying into Montenegro to help freedom fighters there, Namor is enraged when his jeep is shot down and he tears into Nazi occupiers, failing to notice the urgent summons for him from Atlantis on the jeep’s still-functioning radio.

Minute Man
Minute Man is trying to break one prisoner out of Auschwitz. SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch is about to use the pesticide Zyklon B to execute Soviet prisoners of war en masse. Minute Man manages to get four people out in time (planned).

10/41 - Captain Marvel/Major Magus
“The Question of Hitler” (published in The Trophy Case v. 2, no. 5)
The Mysterious Stranger summons Major Magus, Prince Inaros, and Yarko the Great to discuss what they should do about Hitler. Also guest-starring Spyhunter! (Inaros and Spyhunter stand-in for Ibis and Spy Smasher respectively)

11/41 - Minute Man
While the Soviet ship Armenia takes on thousands of passengers at Sevastopol, Minute Man tracks down and negotiates with the spy Illyria to help him get the Armenia safe passage, or at least buy them more time to get away from the German blockade (planned).

12/41 - Major Magus
“The Volcano King” (published in The Trophy Case v. 2, no. 6, costs 50 cents)
Major Magus and other heroes have responded to the Pearl Harbor attack, but now must deal with an even more insidious attempt to erupt volcanoes on the U.S. mainland.  Guest-starring Sterling Steel and Sir Destiny!

Minute Man
Minute Man is traveling through Georgia (Russia) (his orders are to go to Nepal to meet a Chinese spy) when he is caught between a Russian-German skirmish and wounded (planned)

1/42 - Major Magus
“Boolevi the Unseen” (published in The Trophy Case v. 2 no. 7, costs 50 cents)
A radio show host with a grudge against Bobby Bauer summons ghosts with an agenda of their own.

Minute Man
Minute Man is resting in Azerbaijan, wishing he could have been at Pearl Harbor, when the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army arrives to conscript the head of the family at the house he is resting at. Minute Man sneaks the family out to safety (planned).

2/42 - Major Magus
“Major Magus and the White Room” (published in The Trophy Case no. 8, costs 50 cents)

3/42 - Major Magus
“The Curse of Rath Debo” (published in The Trophy Case no. 9, costs 50 cents)
Freed from the White Room, the spirits of evil men form a champion to combat Major Magus.

4/42 - Major Magus
“In the State of Japan” (published in The Trophy Case no. 10, costs 50 cents)
Major Magus goes toe-to-toe with the Japanese Emperor in single combat, but not all is as it appears.

5/42 - Flame & Samson
untitled (planned)
6/42 -Dr. Fate
"The Wax Museum Killers" (planned)
7/42 - Dr. Fate
"The Deadly Designs of Mr. Who" (planned)
8/42 - Dr. Fate
"The Octopus" (planned)
9/42 - Dr. Fate
"Hall of Lost Heirs" (planned)
10/42 - Dr. Fate
"Luck for Sale" (planned)
11/42 - Dr. Fate
"The Two Fates" (planned)

12/42 - Ibis the Invincible & Dr. Fate
"Murgh the Merciless" (planned)

1/43 - Spacehawk
untitled (planned) 
2/43 - Justice Society of America
"The Man Who Created Images" (planned)
4/43 - Superman, Lois Lane/Superwoman, USA, Spacehawk
“Lois Lane - Superwoman” (incomplete)

6/43 - Justice Society of America
"Brain Wave Goes Berserk" (planned)
9/43 - Justice Society of America
"Insects Turn to Crime" (planned)
12/43 - Justice Society of America
"The Crimes Set to Music" (planned)

1/44 - Black X, Jane Arden, Joe Palooka
untitled (planned)
3/44 - Plastic Man & Spirit
untitled (planned)
4/44 - Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, and Young Allies
“Battle of Central Henan” (planned)
5/44 - Shock Gibson & Black Cat
“Battle of Terni” (fictional, planned)
6/44 - Sandman
“The Tough Guy”
7/44 - Black Terror
untitled (planned)
8/44 - Sandman
“Sleep for Sale” (incomplete)
9/44 - Scribbly, Red Tornado, Mr. Weed, J. Worthington Blimp
“The Return of Mr. Weed” (planned)
10/44 - Sandman
"Reincarnation for a Rogue" (planned)
12/44 - Sandman
"Sandman - Prisoner of Emperor" (planned)

2/45 - Sandman 
"Invasion Plan of U.S." (planned)
4/45 - Sandman
"Scientist Warns of Invasion from Space" (planned)