Thursday, April 19, 2018

Storm King's Thunder Retro-Conversion - pt. 2 (SPOILERS)

Elves to the Rescue!
Rond Arrowhome, Elf Swordsman: AC 4 (chain & shield); MV 9”; F 3; hp 19; #At 1 longbow or 1 longsword; Dmg 1-6or 1-8. 10 Arrows +1.
7 Elven Warriors: AC 4 (chain & shield); MV 9”; F 2; hp 13, 13, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6; #At 1 longbow or 1 longsword; Dmg 1-6 or 1-8.

Dripping Caves
It makes no sense that the guards at the castle know there are survivors in the Dripping Caves all this time, but don’t think to mention it until the PCs reach 3rd level. I would have one survivor escape with this news as soon as a third PC reaches 2nd level and between forays to Quasqueton.

1A. Ledges
There is a 4 in 6 chance of safely climbing to the ledges.
5 goblins: AC 7 (leather); MV 9”; HD 1-1; hp 7, 6, 5, 3, 1; #At 1 short bow or 1 spear; Dmg 1-6.

1B. Hot Mud Bath
1 ogre: AC 5 (leather & shield); MV 9”; HD 4+1; hp 19; #At 1 club; Dmg 1-10.

1C. Stalagmite Forest
1 ogre: AC 5 (leather & cover); MV 9”; HD 4+1; hp 18; #At 1 javelin or 1 club; Dmg 1-8 or 1-10.

2. Goblin Warrens
Instead of specifying “weak” goblins, noncombatants should be referred to as young goblins. Even young goblins should still be feral and dangerous, not cowering to elicit pity.

2A. Sleeping Caves
2 goblins: AC 6 (leather & shield); MV 9”; HD 1-1; hp 6, 3; #At 1 spear; Dmg 1-6.
12 young goblins: AC 9; MV 12”; HD 1/2; hp 2 x6, 1 x6; #At 1 bite + claw; Dmg 1.

3A. The Blob
I didn’t expect to have to Nerf any encounters in this module, but this one is just too ridiculous for levels 1-2 (or even 3!). Now it would be--
1 ochre jelly: AC 8; MV 3”; HD 5; hp 23; #At 1 blow; Dmg 2-12; SA immune to weapons and lightning.

3B. Water Supply
There is a 5 in 6 chance of identifying the mushrooms as poisonous (come on, they’re green!). The mushrooms do not do poison damage; anyone eating one saves vs. Poison at +4 or is out of action from stomach pains for 1-6 hours.

4. Bats and Prisoners
Being caught in the bat swarm does 1-2 points of damage per person.

This isn’t Planescape; there would be no tieflings in Nightstone, so Destiny Agganor is now an elf. She’s a naughty elf, which is why she worships Asmodeus. And of course she imposes this on her son -- she’s evil!

6. Underground Stream
There is a 3 in 6 chance per 30 minutes of encountering 1 goblin or 2 young goblins here (see 2A for stats).

7. Natural Chimney
There is a 3 in 6 chance for anyone not in armor heavier than leather to climb the chimney.
2 goblins (see 2A for stats).

8. Hark’s Hoard
There is a 2 in 6 chance of finding the concealed entrance, and then a 2 in 6 chance per attempt of moving the boulder (on a 6, I’d have it roll back over a foot for 1 point of damage!).
The lock on the chest should be a real lock, but one that thieves have double chance of unlocking. The chest contains: 174 cp, 110 sp, 24 gp, a matching pair of electrum candlesticks worth 50 gp (for the pair), a case of decorative thieves’ tools worth 50 gp (for the set), a wood and gold holy symbol worth 50 gp, a potion, and a spell scroll.

9. Boss Hark’s Cave
Boss Hark, Goblin Chief: AC 2 (plate & shield); MV 3”; HD 4; hp 17; #At 1 broadsword; Dmg 1-8.
3 goblins sub-leaders: AC 4 (chain & shield); MV 6”; HD 1; hp 5, 3, 2; #At 1 short sword; Dmg 1-6.
5 goblins: AC 6 (leather & shield); MV 9”; HD 1-1; hp 7, 5, 4, 3, 2; #At 1 mace; Dmg 1-6.
7 giant rats: AC 7; MV 12”; HD 1/2; hp 3 x2, 2 x3, 1 x2; #At 1 bite; Dmg 1-3.

Dealing with Hark
The PCs shouldn’t need to negotiate with Hark because he and his troops are pretty wimpy (even with their numbers boosted!). Again, there’s no way this mini-dungeon would level anyone up -- at best, everyone is going to get about 800 xp out of here.

So it’s back to Quasqueton. And then, after that, maybe the first two levels of The Caverns of Thracia. By then, at least three members of the party should be 5th level. In all, the campaign has taken 16 months of weekly sessions. Now, it’s finally time for Chapter 2.

Tower of Zephyros
Zephyros, Cloud Giant Sorcerer: AC 0 (+2 from Staff); MV 15”; HD 12+8; hp 58; #At 1 Staff +2; Dmg 6-36+2; SA hurl rocks for 2-24 dmg, spells; SD surprised on a 1, spells. Spells: Charm Person, Read Languages, Magic Missile, Sleep; Continual Light, ESP, Levitate, Mirror Image; Lightning Bolt, Protection from Normal Missiles, Slow; Confusion, Plant Growth; Contact Higher Plane.  Armed with a Staff of Power (13 charges).  

Then, because any experienced DM knows that single opponents -- no matter what their power level -- can get overwhelmed by sheer numbers with better dice rolls, Zephyros is going to need some back-up in case the PCs see that staff and get greedy. I would give him two non-adult cloud giants (maybe his children, or young cousins) for company.

2 young cloud giants: AC 5; MV 14”; HD 6; hp 29, 28; #At 1 morningstar; Dmg 2-16; SA hurl rocks for 1-12 dmg.

I would come up with activities for the PCs to do on the flying cloud island rather than just wait for wandering encounters. This might include:
1. The giants like to play bowling and challenge the PCs to a contest (with different sized pins, of course!).
2. Zephyros has lost something and needs the PCs to help search his island for it.
3. The young cousins have made dinner with some spoiled food today and someone gets sick from it.
4. The giants are trying to domesticate the griffins on the island and encourage the PCs to try going for a ride on one (very dangerous, with lots of potential falling damage!).

Day 3: The Howling Hatred
7 cultists: AC 2 (plate & shield); C 2; hp 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5; #At 1 flail; Dmg 1-6; SA spells (Cause Light Wounds x2, Putrefy Food & Water x1, Detect Magic x1, Detect Good x1, Protection from Good x1, Darkness x1).
2 cult fanatics: AC 3 (Plate +1 & shield x1, plate & Shield +1 x1); MV 6” x1, 9” x1; C 5; hp 19, 18; #At 1 Serpent Staff x1, 1 Flail +1 x1; Dmg 1-6+1; Spells: (Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Good; Bless Hold Person) x1, (Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic; Hold Person, Silence 15’ Radius) x1.
9 giant vultures: AC 7; MV 9”/18”; HD 2; hp 11, 10 x2, 9 x3, 8 x2, 7; #At 1 bite; Dmg 1-8.
1 invisible stalker: AC 3; MV 12”; HD 8; hp 37; #At 1 strike; Dmg 4-16.

In addition to the bag of 10 pinches of pixie dust, I would have the cultists show up with 1,000 gp in bribe money that the PCs might get, because they’ll need that for XP.