Thursday, January 17, 2008

Notice of Semi-Productivity

So far this month, my biggest accomplishment was finishing "Night of the Collector" at ( It came to 29 pages -- and that was after removing two scenes to make a leaner story. The original "Night of the Collector" was the Jan. 1974 story in Avengers #119, by Steve Englehart. I like to think he would have written the original even better than mine if he weren't saddled with a deadline (the nicest thing about fanfiction!).

I am 15 pages into "Ehlissa's Story", the "Castle Greyhawk" prolog. This story was necessary because Ehlissa was such a surprisingly popular character in the original story ( that there just had to be a prequel from her point of view.

Other than that, I have artwork I plan to share, but lack a scanner at the moment and will have to share another day.

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