Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clerics of Pelor

[Written sometime in the last 10 years, this was an example of a project I had started several times over the years to develop and individualize -- not the gods, but the clergy for the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. Note the Pelor-specific names for common clerical spells.]
Race(s) of Worshipers: Human (Flan - Common, Oerdian - Uncommon)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Spheres of Influence: Sun, light, healing, strength
Symbol(s): A golden face radiating arrows, or a square in a starburst in a circle.
Allied Deities: Beory, Rao, Celestian, Ehlonna, Zodal
Opposed Deities: Incabulous, Nerull, Pyremius ("Triumverate of Evil")
Frequency of Worship by Region:
Common -- Almor, Idee, Onnwal
Uncommon -- Nyrond, Sunndi
Rare -- Great Kingdom, South Province
Desired Virtues for Clerics: Altruistic, brave, cheerful, loving, loyal, merciful, patient, prudent, steadfast, thoughtful, and wordly.
Goals of the Church: Relieving the suffering of others, while driving back the forces of darkness. Clerics are holy knights who are chosen to battle these forces. An actively expanding church.
Tithe to Church: 5%
Other Sacrifices: Cannot own any non-magical items valued at over 400 gp (PH prices).
XP Cost for Specialty Clerics: 10%
Special Abilities:
Gained at 1st level -- Turn undead as if one level higher. All healing spells cure at least median hp (i.e., 5 hp for cure light wounds).
Gained at 4th level -- Always gets a saving throw vs. any spell that would inhibit vision, such as blindness or darkness (but not against gas, smoke, or normal darkness).
Gained at 7th level -- +4 to save vs. energy drain attacks.
Clerical Spells:
1st level --
1. Pelor's Blessing (Bless)
2. Ceremony: Burial, Coming of Age, Marriage
3. Turn as Many (Combine)
4. Pelor's Lightest Touch (Cure Light Wounds)
5. Find Evil (Detect Evil)
6. Sanctuary from Undead (Invisibility to Undead)
7. Holy Gift of Pelor's Light (Light)
8. Protection from Evil
9. Purify food & water
10. Remove Fear
11. Resist Cold
13. Sanctuary
2nd level --
1. Pelor's Blessed Touch (Aid)
2. Ceremony: Consecrate Item, Dedication, Investiture
3. Detect Magic
4. Draw Upon Holy Might
5. Air Spirit (Dust Devil)
6. Enthrall
7. Mystic Transfer
8. Step Not from the Light (Hold Person)
9. Resist Fire
10. Reverent Silence (Silence 15' Radius)
11. Slow Poison

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