Monday, February 23, 2009

New Silver Age Villains Statted for MSH Game

Previously, I had shared about my aborted Silver Age Marvel Super Heroes campaign here. I had, from memory, talked about a character concept I had for the Quickster, but a while ago I was going through some of my old notes and found that I had it backwards. The Quickster wouldn't have moved super-fast -- he made others move super-slow. I had five supervillains statted out for the Silver Age campaign, three of which I didn't even have scheduled for the campaign.

Cosmic Man
F Gd A Ex S Am E Mn R Ex I Gd P Gd H 133 K 34 Res Gd Pop -2
Body armor: Excellent
Hyper-running: Good
Flight: Excellent
Force bolts: Incredible

F Gd A Ty S Ty E Ex R Ty I Ty P Gd H 36 K 20 Res Pr Pop 0
Fire generation: Remarkable
Fire control: Typical

Killing Machine
F Gd A Ty S Ex E In R Gd I Ex P Fb H 65 K 25 Res Fb Pop -3
Body armor: Remarkable
.45 machine guns (in forearms): 60 dmg, Remarkable penetration (armor-piercing house rule)
Mini-rocket platforms (shoulder-mounted): 40 dmg, Excellent penetration (1/2-dmg on misses without cover)
Mini-flame thrower (finger-mounted): 20 dmg

F Gd A Gd S Ty E Gd R ty I Ex P Gd H 30 K 30 Res Gd Pop 0
Inertia-dampening field: Amazing. Subtracts 230 MPH to movement rates around him, divided between targets.

F Gd A Gd S Ty E Ex R Gd I Ex P Ex H 38 K 40 Res Gd Pop 0
Invisibility (psionic): Remarkable
Talents: Bows, Guns, Move silently.

Addenda from 2/25/2009:

I found two more sets of stats for the campaign. I don't think I wound up using these first guys. The "Peacelover" scenario was supposed to give the heroes the moral choice of fighting the protesters or fighting the Man. Had the chosen to stick it to the Man, they would have fought -

Elite Anti-Riot Squad Officers (EARSO)
F Gd A Ty S Gr* E Ex R Ty I Pr P Pr H 44 K 14
Body armor: Typical.
Flight: Poor speed jetpacks.
Pepper, soapwater sprays: Typical stunning-irritants.
Rubber bullets: Non-lethal Typical damage.

*Great was a rank I had inserted between Good and Excellent and represented 15 pts., or the ability to lift/press 600 lbs.

The most prominent supporting cast NPC superhero I planned on using was actually not a Marvel character at all. Since most Marvel heroes were based in New York, I decided a few DC heroes I really liked (at that time) would be based in the Midwest. I had just recently discovered scanned pages of old Johnny Quick adventures online and so he was my first pick.

Johnny Quick
Real Name: Justin Matthewson Occupation: Professional superhero Origin: Altered human Place of residence: Detroit, Mich. Age: 26 First appeared: 1964
F Gr A Rm S Gr E Ey** R Gr I Gd P Gd H 85 K 35.
Hyper-running: Astonishing land speed.***

**Extraordinary was an inserted rank between Excellent and Remarkable, equal to 25 pts.
***Astonishing was a rank between Amazing and Monstrous, equal to 60 pts., or 500 MPH.

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