Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. Miracle - 1st Play-by-Post Character

[In 2000, I played in my very first Yahoo!Club-based PbP RPG. I think it was called "World's Finest Superheroes." I dropped out after leading the first scenario and it died shortly thereafter. I'm pretty sure the archives are gone, so these earliest posts I wrote for it may be all that remain.]

"You can't make me. I'd rather face a supervillain."

"Oh, come on, Oberon. Step out so we can see how you look in it!"

Oberon reluctantly came out of the dressing room. His gray leisure suit looked well-fitted and comfortable, but Oberon squirmed in it as if he were in chains.

"You look daper," Scott Free said to his old friend. He smiled down at the aging midget as the tailor checked the measurement of Oberon's right sleeve.

"I don't see why we're doing this," Oberon grumbled. His tailor disappeared from the room, just in time to miss Oberon's wrath.

"Yes you do. We need to make a good impression on these company executives, and you need all the help making a good impression you can get. Now that we're business partners in Miracle Inc., we need the quick capital that licensing my image will give us."

"Aw, you just want to play a Mr. Miracle video game."

"That too." Scott slid out of his coat and tossed it casually over his shoulder. "Now come on, let's pay for these and get out of here."

After changing, Scott caught the eye of the lady cashier, who smiled at him. Despite being of an incalcuable age, Scott Free appeared to still be a handsome young man. He reached into his wallet and produced a credit card while Oberon put their bagged outfits on the counter. But Scott paused, and looked more closely at his own card.

"Uh, oh," he spoke.

Oberon spun around. "What is it?"

"Eh...I had told Mother Box to set random traps for my skills don't atrophy. I guess I thought of it too late, because this one almost got me." Scott slowly turned the card and tilted his head so he could look under it. "There's a cellular matrix trigger on here...very complex for it to be thicker than laminate..."

"You'll be the death of me yet."

"I doubt Mother Box would create a charge that powerful, but perhaps you should ask this young lady to show you another suit -- one near the front of the store?"

Oberon, comprehending, urged the perplexed store employee to accompany him. Scott slowly bent down and took off one of his shoes with his one free hand. He popped off the fake heel, and produced a tool from inside...


On Michigan Ave., one day in the Windy City, two men left a men's fashion store with neither notice nor fanfare. This was ironic for two reasons -- they had just survived an ordeal with a miniature bomb, and one of the two men was MISTER MIRACLE!

"That was a close one," Oberon said.

"All too true, ol' pal, but luckily I had a pretty good idea the trigger was activated by thumbprint and detonated by release of pressure. And then I had a kinetic sponge in the sole of my shoe I was able to drop my credit card into. It was just a small charge, anyways, probably wouldn't have taken off more than a hand."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?"

"Maybe I'd get a hook hand like Aquaman had when I saw him last." Scott Free chuckled. "The downside is that I didn't have enough cash on me for those suits! I'll have to call Barda and see if she spent all her's already..."

Scott produced a cell phone from his jacket pocket, which immediately started to ring. Scott arched his eyebrows and looked down at Oberon. "Well, she must be a mind-reader now!" He turned it on and put it to his ear. "Hi, honey!"

"Ooo, awkward..." came a man's voice.

"Who is this?" Scott asked.

"It's me, Ted."

"Ted Kord? It is tomorrow we're supposed to meet your board of directors, right?" *

"Yeah, but this isn't about that. The big guy wants to start up the league again. He's contacting all of us old reserve members too."

"No kidding? Hmm...are you going?"

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. "I don't know, Scott. After that Extreme Justice
debacle, I've been trying to stay away from teams."

"Okay. Thanks for the call, Ted. If the world isn't in too much danger, I'll see you at your office tomorrow."

"Who was that?" Oberon asked, after Scott turned off the phone and tucked it away.

"Blue Beetle says the JLA might need Barda and me again."

"What about Miracle, Inc.?"

"I don't know. But we've got to find Barda at Watertower Place and talk to her about this."

* (Ted Kord/Blue Beetle appears here only in cameo -- I'm not picking up a new character)

Oberon started to hail a cab, but Scott Free stopped him.

"No need for that. I think we'll travel a little faster." With that, Scott reached behind his jacket, and pulled out what appeared to be two plastic, flexible discs. He tossed them on the ground, stepped on one with each foot, and the discs stiffened and glowed. In a moment, Scott Free was hovering in the air on his aero-discs!

"Oh no, not that way!" Oberon protested briefly before being scooped up under Scott's arm. Soon they were flying ten yards over the city streets. A fender bender or two resulted, and many people were late coming back to work from their lunch breaks, as they craned their necks to see this sight.

They were soon joined, as if in an aerial ballet, by Big Barda herself -- dressed for battle in her full armor. Her battle rod hung at her side, and instead she held two bulging shopping bags.

"Hi honey!" Scott called. "Don't tell me you got in a fight at the mall..."

"I received a telepathic notice from the Justice League, Scott. They would like us both to come to the moon for some sort of briefing." She held out one bag and shook it a little. "This one has your uniform in it...the other one has some really nice clothes I got at the department store..."

"You can give me a fashion show later. Here, let's land down there." Following Scott's lead, the three flying friends landed on the roof of a parking garage. "I'll suit up in the elevator," Scott explained, "Oberon, take Barda's things back to the hotel room, and when I'm done changing, Barda and I will use a Boom Tube to get to the moon in style..."

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