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Garham Town Encounter Area Key

[This is an earlier draft that doesn't quite match up with the map I made for the players. All these encounter areas are still there, but not all of them are still "common knowledge". Material is combined from Erik Mona's Diamond Lake and Gary Gygax's Yggsburgh.]
Garham Encounter Area Key
Garham has the following public buildings:
1. The Emporium
This 2-story entertainment hall used to have a bad reputation, but the current owner, Chevonne, has cleaned the place up a bit. You can still come here for beer, having your fortune read, and gambling.
2. The Feral Dog Alehouse
Rastus, locally known as a dangerous swordsman, took over this alehouse five years ago from the half-orc who used to run it. It’s a run-down dive where you can go to bet on dogfights or participate in dagger-throwing contests.
3. Garham Chapel
This chapel contains four shrines dedicated to Cuthbert (god of wisdom), Heironeous (god of chivalry), Blerred (god of mining), and Obad-Hai (god of wilderness). Heironeous has the largest following in Garham, though that has only started in the last 18 years.
4. Tidwoad’s Jewelry
A gnome runs this 2-story shop. It’s said that gnomes passing through the area can board on the upper level for the night. It’s also said that his shop has the tightest security of any place in town.
5. Taffy’s Lanterns
This shop sells everything from candles to bulls-eye lanterns. Taffy has business contacts in Yggsburgh where he can have specialty lanterns made.
6. The Hungry Gar Tavern
“Gulb” the Chef is the best fish cook in town.
7. Isumbras’ Flophouse
Over two dozen out-of-work miners remain here, hoping that a new lode will be discovered someday and business will pick up again. Isumbras is a hobbit.
8. Garrison Keep
This small, hilltop castle hosts the local militia who enforce the governor’s laws. Tolliver Garham himself still mans the keep, and even his two lieutenants are said to be beyond reproach.
9. Lakeside Stables
The largest public stable in Garham is owned by Lance, a man known for his bad temper. You can buy donkeys, riding horses, and even occasionally a warhorse here as well.
11. The Spinning Giant Tavern
This two-story, blue-roofed eatery is frequented mainly by the off-duty militia.
12. The Captain’s Blade Weaponsmithy
This weaponsmithy used to be owned by Tyron Eberhardt until the man got in a fight with a wizard over a magic wand Tyron was trying to sell him. The new weaponsmith, Barry, is said to still have some of Tyrol’s old stock of unusual items.
13. Goose’s Fletcher & Bowyer Shop
This husband-and-wife team (Alfred “Goose” & Venelle Gandy) makes the best bows and arrows in these parts. You can occasionally also buy armor, other weapons, or maybe even magic arrows from them.
14. Lakehouse
Located on the piers, the lakehouse is little more than a shelter for fishermen to gather in bad weather. It is easy to find a fisherman willing to ferry people across Diamondfish Lake or (less often) to Mound Isle. The fishing fleet on the piers numbers over 50 boats.
15. Whip’s Carts and Wagons
Ivarr “Whip” Ironskin is a dwarf who not only fixes carts but offers wagon rides, for a price, as far southwest as Yggsburgh or as far northwest as Greyhawk.
16. The Rusty Bucket Tavern
You can get some decent fish stew at cheap prices here.
17. O’Seighin’s Smithy
O’Seighin makes tools, but it’s said he can make studded leather armor too, if the leather is brought to him.
18. Diamond Lake Cemetery
The cemetery is so old the name was never updated. After trouble with necromancers in the cemetery 10 years ago, most people go for funeral pyres these days. The graveyard is patrolled, but no one knows who the patrols answer to.
19. Stronghammer’s Smithy
Klaufi Stronghammer is a dwarf who makes the best tools in town and a few types of weapons.
20. The Jolly Fisherman Alehouse
In the autumn, Grady “Jolly” Hunter’s alehouse is best known for its spiced cider. At that time of year, in the evening, this is the busiest place in Garham. The ale is just ordinary.
21. Community Smokehouse
For a small rental fee, you can smoke your meat and store it in a room here.
22. Shaver’s Cobbler Shop
The best place in town to buy shoes and boots.
23. Fuller’s Tailor Shop
Will Fuller is trying out that new fashion – coats with buttons and buttonholes. We’ll see if this catches on anywhere.
24. Hook’s Bait & Tackle Shop
Some of the catfish now get so big in the lake that Will “Hook” Grey has started stocking harpoons.
25. Carpentry Shop
Tyrone makes furniture and re-plasters houses.
26. Bigfish Trading Store
Ed Twing tends to only have containers, cooking ware, meal, vegetables, and other ordinary items for trade, but he occasionally has special items, like pearls traded to him by divers in Diamondfish Lake.
27. Clinker’s Boatwright Shop
Bruce “Clinker” Keeler once made and a 30’, 2-masted fishing boat and sold it for a fortune. The boat was either wrecked in a storm or sunk by a giant catfish in the lake known as Old Whiskers (depending on who tells the story) and Keeler is said to have lost that fortune gambling at the Emporium.
28. Big Will’s Mill
“Big Will” Hunter owns both this mill, for making meal, and a sawmill a few miles south on the Ellery River.
29. Ropemaker’s Shop
30. Netmaker’s Shop
31. Furrier’s Shop
32. Governor’s Office
Governor Robert Ketchum, or “Skipper” as he still prefers to be called, found the governor’s manor to be too pretentious and had a smaller office built for him instead. He aims to be a popular leader (perhaps more than an effective one), even though his office is delegated by the Directors of Greyhawk City, not by popular vote.

Garham has the following private, but significant buildings:
33. Lazare’s Gaming Parlor (closed)
34. Sheriff’s Office (closed)
The old sheriff’s duties have been absorbed by the militia and garrison commander.
35. Smets Manor
Home of the richest mine owner in town, Baladeva Smets.
36. Deepspike Mine Entrance (closed)
Garham’s oldest and longest-abandoned mine. The site is walled off behind a palisade now.
37. Tilki Manor
The nicest mansion in town, owned by the second richest mine owner, Gellert Tilki.
38. Greysmere Trading Company
Owned and operated by dwarves, the company is only interested in acquiring local iron ore and will do no business with anyone but the mine owners.
39. Smelting Factory
Surrounded by a high stone wall, this yard includes the finery forge where both iron and silver are brought from the mines to be processed. The factory grounds are guarded and non-workers are not allowed entrance.
40. Observatory
This building had been bricked up since a necromancer set up shop in it five years ago.
41. Dourstone Keep
This stone castle-like building is situated half underground. It is the home of the third remaining mine owner in town, a dwarf named Ragnvaldr Dourstone.

Other prominent areas:
42. Menhir Ring
These standing stones remain from old druid worship in the area from over a hundred years ago. You have heard the ring referred to as “The Bronzewood Lodge”, even though it isn’t made of bronzewood.

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