Friday, March 11, 2011

STARDUST #3 "The Thief Revealed" - pt. 3

“That's it,” Sean said as he lunged forward. He batted the Taser out of Kevin's hand, grabbed him by the shirt, and slammed him into the shelves against the wall.

“I've had just about enough of this, Kev! You know, you've never sent my computer a virus Ruben couldn't get rid of. I would have shared my pop with you if you'd asked. I'm actually glad if you have my motorcycle instead of someone I'd never find. And I had no clue about your stupid code hidden in the thefts. But the one thing you've done, the worst thing you could do...” Sean lifted Kevin effortlessly off his feet, at arm's length, with one hand. “...was saddle me with such a lame nemesis. Now, when I need people to take what I can do seriously, you're going to make a joke out of me!” He started to shake Kevin.

“You're hurting me...” Kevin whined.

“Sean, put him down,” Roger said. He had found the front door open and seen enough of what was going on to be genuinely concerned.

“Relax,” Sean said. He tossed Kevin down and Kevin fell in a heap on the floor. “I just want to make sure Kev doesn't try anything this stupid ever again.”

“I think he's learned,” Roger said. “What do you want me to do?”

“The right thing. Call the police.” Sean walked over to the coffee table piled with comic books. He picked up a comic book on the top of the heap and looked over the cover. “We'll teach them all to take us seriously. Right, Rog?”

“Right, Stardust,” Roger said.

NEXT: Things turn serious as we enter the penultimate chapter of Stardust's origin. Don't miss “Sean vs. Oil”!

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