Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Schedules

Expanded from a recent Facebook post, with possible end dates (assuming I never sleep).

1. Castle Greyhawk webcomic (finish only when Mike gets tired of drawing it!)
2. Hideouts & Hoodlums
a. Daily Rpol campaign (finish in 2014)
b. Every-other day Paizo campaign (finish in 2012)
c. Quarterly ‘zine (finish in 2016?)
d. Supplement IV (finish in 2012)
e. Preparing a tournament module (finish in 2013)
f. Hideout Geomorphs (finish in 2013)
g. Mobster & Trophy Assortments? (finish in 2013?)
h. AH&H Mobster Manual (finish in 2013?)
i. H&H Basic Rulebook (finish in 2013?)
j. 3 H&H modules (finish 2013-2015)
k. Supplement V – cowboy genre (finish in 2013?)
l. Supplement VI – space genre (finish in 2014?)
m. AH&H Heroes Handbook (finish in 2014?)
n. 7 AH&H modules (finish 2013-2015)
o. Supplement VII - aviation genre? (finish in 2015?)
p. AH&H Editors Guide (finish in 2015)
q. AH&H Captains, Magicians, & Incredible Men? (finish in 2016?)
1970s fanfiction for Marvel Anthology site (finish in 2014?)
1940s fanfiction for DC Anthology site (finish in 2013?)
Possible Projects:
Return to running D&D Uber Playtest
Return to posting to Greytalk Archives blog
Preparing a Middle Earth OD&D campaign to run online
Podcast all my fanfiction
Creating a L’il Heroes webcomic, like Tiny Titans
Doing something with an idea for a Giant Ape & Monkey superhero story, either as a webcomic or prose

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mortellan said...

Shew! Nice list Scott. I thought I had alot of fires going. Anyhoo, someday I need to invest in a tablet computer, it would cut down on my art time by half.