Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chronology of Fanfiction: The Atomic Age

April-May 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Captain America
"Superland: Prologue"
Walt Disney unveils the plans for an even more ambitious Disneyland City -- a theme park merged with the city of Anaheim, made into a 'world of tomorrow' with tech donated from alien refugees. Captain Comet comes to investigate the aliens, while Scotty and Cap move there for more personal reasons.
(Available in the files section of the Superland Yahoo!Group, under the name "Prologue"; membership required for access)

July 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Dynamic Man, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Batman II
"The Conscience of Colu" (incomplete)
While Scotty is tempted by a coworker, Dr. Eternity settles into Disneyland City, an adult Dick Grayson now serving as Batman investigates in Long Beach, and Captain Comet and Dynamic Man are transported to an alien world, where they learn of the coming threat of Braniac.

"The Saint Is Plane Crazy"
The Saint meets Mickey Mouse.

August 1955 - Captain Comet, Scotty (Johnny) Thunder, Dynamic Man, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Mr. Terrific
"The Superhero Clubhouse"(incomplete)
Capt. Comet's road trip from Chicago, Dr. Eternity vs. the Red Skull, and everyone in the Superhero Clubhouse vs. the Crime Candle's wave of arson.

September 1955 - Captain Comet, Kid/Dr. Eternity, Superman, Wonder Man
"Diaspora from the Clubhouse" (incomplete)
Captain Comet vs. Shiwan Khan, Dr. Eternity vs. Moriarty, Superman vs. Baron Zemo, and Wonder Man vs. drug smugglers in Nepal.

"The Gallopin' Shadow"
The Shadow meets Mickey Mouse.

October 1955 - Captain Comet, Kid/Dr. Eternity
"The Final Problems" (incomplete)
Captain Comet and other heroes fly off with Spacehawk to confront Braniac at last, while Dr. Eternity and his allies finally solve the mystery of Moriarty.

(The adventures from July-October summarize the events of the Superland play-by-post campaign)

"The Savage Dance"
Doc Savage Meets Mickey Mouse.

November 1955
"The Mandrake House"
Mandrake the Magician meets Mickey Mouse.

December 1955
"When the Superheroes Are Away"
Phantom and Sheena vs. Cat Nipp

January 1956
"The Battle for Mickey Mouse"
The Justice Society of America and the Guardians of Disneyland City meet to discuss what to do with a living Mickey Mouse.

(The Mickey Mouse series was written to introduce the characters from Disney cartoons into the shared universe of comic strip/book heroes)

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