Monday, October 1, 2007

Alternate History of U.S. Elections for a Superhero Universe

[Originally posted to Superland in Nov. 2004]

Since WWII was already over, FDR retired to several years of well-
deserved rest before polio claimed him. His Vice-President Harry
Truman becomes President.

Harry Truman had not proved to be a popular President and barely wins

Eisenhower wins the election.

Eisenhower easily wins re-election.

John F. Kennedy wins. The superhero community had received cryptic
warnings from the Legion of Superheroes to stick close to Kennedy.
Unfortunately, many misinterpreted this to mean voicing public
support for Kennedy. The superheroes were unable to prevent the
first, lethal shot that assassinated Kennedy, though the gunmen were
captured before any further shots could be fired.

Andrew Johnson, also backed by the superheroes, wins by the largest
margin in decades.

The superheroes publicly broke with Johnson over Vietnam, a sentiment
that was picked up by the general populace. He dropped out of the
race when the Democrats chose Hubert Humphrey to run. Humphrey beat
Nixon by a narrow margin.

Again disappointed with their President, the people chose Nixon this
time by a clear margin. Nixon soon betrays their trust and is
replaced by Vice-President Ford.

Ford loses to Carter by the largest margin since Johnson.

In an extremely tight race, Reagan manages to beat Carter by a mere
0.7% of the popular vote.

Despite much superhuman outcry, Reagan again squeaks into the White

The superhuman community rallies behind Michael Dukakis who beats
George Bush. Dukakis proves to be a good President, exemplified by
the peaceful resolution of Iraq's invasion of Quwait. However,
Dukakis makes the mistake of promising universal healthcare in four
years, a promise he has not kept by...

A tepid economy and an unkept promise cause a fickle Democratic Party
to cast off Dukakis in favor of rising star Bill Clinton. Bush tries
running again, but loses again, this time to Clinton. Clinton proves
to be an enormously popular President. Many chargest made against him
by the Republican party are revealed to be hoaxes by the superheroes.

Bill Clinton is re-elected in a landslide victory over Bob Dole. With
the superhumans still deflecting Republican plots, Clinton is free to
complete Dukakis' goal of universal health care.

Vice-President Al Gore rides the coattails of his predecessor to an
easy, landslide victory over George W. Bush. His Presidency is marked
by the fall of international terrorism, as the superheroes crush Al-

George W. Bush runs again on a platform of appealing to people with
his folksy charm instead of the issues. Al Gore easily wins re-
election by another landslide.

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