Monday, August 11, 2008

Re: Batman the Animated Series

[This is partial transcript of -- I believe most of -- a letter I wrote to the Fox TV Network around 1993. There was a rumor circulating at that time that Fox was going to take the critically- and fan-acclaimed Batman the Animated Series show off the air. It is the only time I ever wrote to a TV channel about a TV show.]

I am writing in regards to this network's horrific decision to cancel BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. I would have written much sooner if I had not such trouble acquiring your address. You have made a terrible error in judgement by casting aside BATMAN -- and for what? So you can air more ratings-grabbing swill like POWER RANGERS? There is more at stake here than short-term rating boosts, and I will endeavor to explain why.

The first reason is art. While many shows are entertaining, or even educational, few shows can boast of being both, plus art. FOX has few such programs, and fewer than other networks.

The second and most vital reason is because of the fans. Shows with large fan followings, such as this, you should hold onto at all costs. I am sure you have received a flood of complaint letters already, and you have only begun to hear from all the Batman fans out there.

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