Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More DriveThruRPG Newsletter mentions

From 3/15/2011:

ZEITGEIST Adventure Path Intro
by EN Publishing

Download this FREE short two-page introduction to EN Publishing's upcoming ZEITGEIST adventure path for D&D 4th Edition and PATHFINDER RPG, available here on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG! You can purchase the ZEITGEIST subscription here.

Trophy Case vol. 1, no. 3
by Games by Scott Casper

HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS is back with more goodies, like four new mobsters, addenda to a Supplement I appendix, a review of the book Supermen: The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes, original fiction from blogger Steve Lopez, and tips for H&H players!

Newest Products

Power Pics Villains 12- Timeshift M&M edition
by Mesozoic Press
Price: $0.99

New and improved! Now contains stats to instantly use in your M&M game, all at the same old price! Power Pics are intended to be used in roleplaying games for either PC and NPC portraits or generic stock art in personal or professional...

From 6/29/2011:

A Wanderer's Romance
by Stargazer Games

The world began as nothing but ocean. The Origins raised up a million colourful islands, anything larger than a few dozen miles being swallowed by the envious deep. Some of these immaterial beings chose to take a physical form and live in the varied lands...

The Trophy Case vol. 1, no.4
by Games by Scott Casper

HIDEOUTS & HOODLUMS is back with more free goodies, like more fiction, optional rules for Fighters, an in-depth review of Captain America Comics, the Trickster class, and conversion notes for running a classic MSH module in H&H!

Newest Products

0one's Blueprints: Eerie Forest
by 0one Games
Price: $1.95

Are your players going through a spectral and haunted forest? Do unnerving noises and strange apparitions surround them? They are not? Well, they will be... Eerie Forest is a haunted forest you can place anywhere in your own campaign. The forest is...

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