Friday, December 30, 2011

Rpol Hideouts & Hoodlums Campaign - pt. 8

Alpha-Woman saw the other man coming and acted quickly. Ignoring her combatant now that Silver Scorpion had joined the fight, she intercepted the second mobster at the top of the stairs. She attacked the unarmed man by swinging her captured rifle over her head and bringing it down on his head just as he tried to dodge. He tumbled down the stairs, landing unconscious at the bottom, though whether he was out cold from the head blow or the fall down the stairs was hard to say.

Behind her, Silver Scorpion found her unarmed opponent lunging for her, but she neatly brought her knee up into his groin and dropped him cold.

Hearing the gunshot from inside the house, the Daoist sprung into action. He shifted himself into the mountain lion guise that he had been contemplating earlier and pounced into the house, ready to fight.

Dice crouched at the sound of the gunshot, his hand going inside his jacket on reflex, then recalling that the Feds nixed the idea of him packing heat. His hand instead slipped into his brass knuckles before he entered the building. "What's all the hubbub, bub?" he asked as he looked for a light switch. Finding one, he flicked it off and plunged the front of the motel into darkness.

In the darkness, the Daoist in mountain lion form let out a loud snarl that startled two more intruders who had been in another room of the ground floor when the gun fired. They came in now, one of them shooting a hunting rifle at a shape in the dark that looked vaguely mountain lion-ish, but missing in the absence of light. Dice also took some wild swings in the dark and got lucky, cold-cocking the other intruder and laying him out flat.

The Mountain Man rushed around the house to the back entrance from the porch. As he ran he focused the power from his gorget and felt the power of the mountains suffusing his muscles and toughening his skin. He was ready to punch the first cultist who came out the back door or to rush in towards the fight.

A fifth intruder strayed too close to the backdoor and met the Mountain Man. Bolting outside, the man could not slam on the brakes before barreling into the Mountain Man. Unfortunately for him, he also barreled into the Mountain Man’s fist and took a nasty punch. The Mountain Man put the power of a landslide into his next punch. He had not wanted this fight, but he would end it.

Alpha-Woman ran back down stairs, scooped up the man she had knocked down them, and brought him over to where she had left Silver Scorpion fighting so they could tie up their prisoners together.

Dice hunched his shoulders and lowered his head in a fighter's stance, ready to deliver a brass-handed uppercut to anybody in his area. He squinted in the poor light to see if any of his cronies needed some help.

The Daoist, meanwhile, followed the muzzle flare to pounce on the man who had fired at him. The hapless man, caught between a pugilist and a puma, raced around the room to escape them both so fast that he lapped Dice and came straight at him. Dice Morgan got in another lucky sucker punch in the dark, landing it on the gunman’s jaw. The gunman reeled back into the waiting form of a mountain lion, who mauled the gunman unconscious.

Also meanwhile…the first gunshot had not waked the sound-sleeping Captain Liberty, but the second shot did. He joined the action, emerging in the dining room where he found a sixth intruder hiding. "Is this a private party or can anyone join?" Captain Liberty quipped. "For Liberty!" he roared, without waiting for a reply, as he attacked the remaining intruder with glowing knuckled fists, channeling the very might and right of liberty and freedom itself into the punch.

Outside, the power of a landslide proved to require too much aiming by moonlight, causing his punches to land well off their mark and almost crashing his fists through the wall of the motel instead. Still, the man was suitably impressed by the show of strength. He dropped his gun and threw up his hands, shouting “Not in the face! Not in the face!” like a sissy.

Sewer Rat was also still lurking outside, having not become involved in the struggle yet.

Back inside, Captain Liberty’s foe also sensed the battle had swung against him and his comrades, so he turned and ran from Capt. Liberty’s liberty-powered fists. His foe raced out of the dining room, through the kitchen, to the front room, where he escaped out the front door right behind Dice Morgan’s back. In the dark of the front room, Capt. Liberty saw Dice Morgan by the front door and moved up to him to attack.

Of the two remaining foes in the motel, only one kept his nerve and turned up to join the battle. He showed up in the dark living room, shooting wild with a revolver. He missed everyone, though the bullets came closest to hitting Captain Liberty.

"Stand back, villain, or face the mighty fist of Captain Liberty!" Capt. Liberty shouted at Dice Morgan. But after that they quickly identified each other and chose not to subdue each other.

Alpha-Woman had hers and Silver Scorpion’s prisoner tied up by now, waiting to interrogate them as soon as the fighting around them was over.

The Daoist was the first one to spot the remaining gunman in the living room. Still in mountain lion form, he lunged through the doorway and knocked over a chair on his collision course with the gunman. For a moment, the gunman had The Daoist in his sights and maybe could have taken him down, but lost his nerve at the last moment before he could pull the trigger. Turning to flee, he was quickly overtaken by The Daoist, who pounced on him and raked his back.

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