Friday, April 27, 2012

Rpol Hideouts & Hoodlums Campaign - pt. 25

"Hmmm, yeah I'll go find something to do," Rudy said. He wandered the hallways until he found a door to open.

After taking some binders for his sack, the Mountain Man then cracked the doors to this office and observed what he could while planning what to do next. To the south, the guard still stood there who was there when they came in. He missed the sounds of the scuffle from the room, apparently, because he was talking to a second mobster who just came down the ladder from upstairs. When the Mountain Man opened the north door he found it led back into the chapel – and a guard was coming straight towards him.

Rudy saw the door open and shut. He could not quite make out the person, but it looked like another guard. So he advanced to the door to see what was going on.

"There's another guard coming," The Mountain Man whispered before taking a position next to the door. He would close it behind the guard as soon as he got in there.

Silver Scorpion looked around for something to bind and, especially, gag Willy. She was still tying him up with his own jacket when the Mountain Man gave his warning.

Rudy walked up to the door and knocked. "I know somebody’s in there,” he said. “I saw the door open and shut. Is there something going on in there?" He scratched his chin and thought this was some suspicious behavior and, maybe, the guards had caught another prisoner inside, like that woman who had saved him.

The Mountain Man realized he could not have this guard drawing attention to them like this, so he opened the door real fast, grabbed the guard on the other side, and hauled him in. He kicked the door closed behind him, knocked the guard down on the floor, and bent over him.

"Whoa, who are you people?" Rudy asked. He could see Silver Scorpion binding an unconscious guy. "The good guys?" he asked more quietly. "I'm FBI!"

Just then, the south door opened and the guard from outside glanced in. Everyone looked at him and froze where they were. He looked in the room and saw a man bending over another man on the floor and a woman in a torn silver jumpsuit tying up a third man.

"Geez," the guard said. "This cult just keeps getting weirder and weirder..." and then he shut the door.

As that guard left, Rudy went on to explain, "I am Rudy Malefor and I was a prisoner here until a woman with an A on her shirt saved me. Bad news is they captured her and put her in a cell. That is the last I saw her." He paused and went on to say, "I think I saw another of your kind captured also. They were taking him somewhere. I asked what they were doing with him and they didn't give me an answer. I had seen him in a cell at first though, when they took him out, I followed them until they got too suspicious of me."

"How well do you know the layout of this place?” Silver Scorpion asked. “Could you lead us to Alpha-Woman's cell?" She added as she finished tying up Willy good and tight. "But more to the point,” she said, addressing everyone, “how are we going to get around this place without bringing all the guards down upon us? Perhaps we could continue the 'prisoners' ruse and say we've got orders from Willy to escort the 'prisoners' to the cells.” Addressing Rudy again, she asked, “Have you seen the guards using any written orders or authorization, or is it all verbal?” Then, as it occurred to her, she added, “Secondly, did anyone see a set of keys around the office? Could come in useful." Before she could get an answer she started searching Willy for any items on his person.

"Yes, I can help you find your way to the cells," Rudy answered and then paused. "And about the written orders, I've never seen it. From what I see it's all verbal. I do like your idea." Then, after another pause he added, "I say about this guy, since he's knocked out, we're just going to have to leave him here and go down there without him."

"Willy's tied up and gagged. I'm fine leaving him, we can just tuck him under the desk. Guards'll assume he's left by the other door or something."

The Mountain Man rubbed his beard thoughtfully, "Let's get to the cells and free the folks we need to...then I'm fixing to brawl and end this nonsense once and for all if we can pull it off."

The desk was small, but the Mountain Man managed to shove Willy completely under it. Silver Scorpion had found nothing useful on Willy.

The heroes decided next on a desperate gamble -- a run into the basement cell block and back with anyone they could find. Rudy knew the way and the way meant crossing the south end of the occupied chapel. The Daoist and Silver Scorpion re-submitted to their false capture and were led by three ‘guards’ time back out of Willy's room.

The ladder had been put aside in the chapel and one of the mobsters was standing on the dais at the far end. Though the heroes could see no microphone by him, his voice still boomed. "Check one. Check one," he said. "Hey, Dr. McDermott, those prisoners are coming back through."

"What?" another voice booms in the chapel. "Bring them to the dais!"

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