Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Player Character Morgue: Skalar Kallionkiel

I haven't done this since 2007

I wanted to play a dwarf paladin.  The fact that the rules forbade that combination only made it more tantalizing.  When I learned that the original write-up for the paladin class in the Greyhawk Supplement made no specific reference to the "humans only" rule, I knew I wanted to play some OD&D real bad.  Lacking a game at that time, I made up a slate of new PCs -- including my dwarf paladin (I cheated and rolled 3d8 for stats -- I was going to make sure I qualified for a paladin!).  Then I went about solo gaming (which consists of rolling randomly for everything, to eliminate player knowledge from the equation).  To keep an element of danger in the game, I decided that I would not fudge any character deaths.  And so, at 4th level, my beloved and only ever dwarf paladin, bit it in mortal combat with a fire giant.  Pretty unfair, I know; there was only a random chance of the PCs running away...

Character Name:  Skalar Kallionkiel
Race/Sex:  Dwarf/Male
Alignment:  Lawful
Regional Origin:  Blackmoor
Faith:  Church of the Facts of Life
Level/Title:  4/Paladin
Experience Points:  12,000
XP Bonus:  10%

Strength:  18/73 (+3 to hit and damage)
Intelligence:  11
Wisdom:  17
Constitution:  15 (+1 hp/die)
Dexterity:  16 (+1 to hit, -2 to be hit)
Charisma:  18

Languages:  Common, Lawful, Dwarf, Gnome, Hobbit, Elf, Kobold, Goblin

Hit Points:  32
Armor Class:  3 (-2)

Money:  12 sp, 1 ep, 273 gp, 1 37 gp gem, 1 100 gp gem

Items:  Platemail armor, helmet, leather backpack, wineskin, silver cross, shortbow, quiver of 20 silver arrows, silver dagger

Magic Items:  Sword +1

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