Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wimpy Tales - p. 2

#9. "Enter: Geraldo!" June?, 1991.
Antagonist: Sgt. Omar Amir and His Iraqi Commandoes. Starring: ? Guest Stars: Geraldo Rivera. Setting: Chicago. Synopsis: When the Wimpy Heroes learned that Omar Amir and his Commandoes were scheduled to appear on the Geraldo Rivera show, the Wimpy Heroes showed up in time to stop the Iraqi soldiers from holding the live studio audience hostage. And they all broke chairs over Geraldo’s head.

#10. “Herbiwar: Part One” July ?, 1991.
Antagonist: Louie the Lilac. Starring: ? Setting: Rosemont. Synopsis: While the Wimpy Heroes were in Rosemont for the annual ComicCon, a gardening convention was being robbed by Louie the Lilac (from the ‘60s Batman TV show), some goons, and a mutated plant monster. After being captured, Louie spilled that the plant monster had been loaned to him by a villainess called Belladonna and he even told them where to find her.

#11. “Herbiwar: Part Two” July ?, 1991.
Antagonist: Belladonna. Starring: Shrinky-Dink Man, Shruiken, and...? Setting: Gary, Indiana. Synopsis: The trail led to a factory in Gary, Indiana. The factory was protected by some traps, but Belladonna was found working them from the office and was quickly captured. She revealed that her boss was the Plant Man.

#12. “Herbiwar: Part Three” July ?, 1991.
Antagonist: Plant Man. Starring: Variable, Shrinky-Dink Man, and...? Guest Stars: Great Lakes Avengers. Synopsis: The Plant Man was mutating plant monsters and selling them, through Belladonna, to other criminals. The Wimpy Heroes confronted him in his giant greenhouse full of plant monsters. All the Wimpy Heroes were captured, but then the Great Lakes Avengers, who were also on Plant Man’s trail, showed up. The GLA freed the Wimpy Heroes and the two teams worked together to capture the Plant Man.

Annual #1. Antagonist: a moloid (from the Mole Man's kingdom of Subterranea). Starring: Shrinky-Dink Man, Dreamwave, and…? Setting: South Elgin. Synopsis: Reports of a monster sighting in South Elgin led the Wimpy Heroes to do a yard-by-yard search. The trail led back to the rock quarry where a lost and scared moloid had wandered to the surface. The Wimpy Heroes captured the moloid and returned it to where it belonged. Bonus: Comic book Jeopardy!

#13. "The Phantom of the Chicago Theater!" August ?, 1991.
Antagonist: Mysterio II. Starring: Captain Jew, Shrinky-Dink Man. Setting: Chicago. Synopsis: The Wimpy Heroes were
contacted and asked to investigate reports of a phantom haunting the Chicago Theater. The two heroes who showed up found a variety of mechanical traps about the theater and discovered that the “phantom” was Dan Berkhart, the second Mysterio.

#14. Sept. ?, 1991.
Starring: Annoying Man, Shrinky-Dink Man, Dreamwave, and …? Setting: Streamwood. Synopsis: An un-finished 14th scenario pitted the Wimpy Heroes against the Chicago branch of the Maggia. The scenario proved too challenging for the dwindling number of players and an encounter where the Maggia attacked the Wimpy Heroes on their home turf ended in Annoying Man killing a carload of hoodlums, changing the tone of the entire campaign. The campaign was resolved “off-panel”, with me informing the
remaining players how I had it planned. All the heroes but Shrinky-Dink Man would have been captured and the Maggia boss would have revealed that their super powers had all been an accident caused by an experiment to give him super powers. The boss would drain them of their powers, but Shrinky-Dink Man would free them and they would still be able to defeat the boss, even powerless.

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