Monday, August 20, 2007

Essential Captain America vol. 2 Graded

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Before my three-day weekend [in Feb. 2007], a very quick breakdown, with issue-by-issue grades, for the volume in the subject line.

126 The Fate of the Falcon June 1970 B-
More like a try-out for a Falcon ongoing series.
125 Captured in Viet-Nam! May 1970 C
So disappointing for something trying to be so timely.
124 Mission: Stop the Cyborg! April 1970 C
123 Suprema, the Deadliest of the… March 1970 B+
Kind of silly, but Gene Colan makes it look so good.
122 The Sting of the Scorpion Feb. 1970 B-
The intention being to show that Cap can take down supervillains too (as long as the Scorpion isn't even trying).
121 The Coming of the Man-Brute Jan. 1970 A-
Suprisingly satisfying ending to a slugfest issue -- but is that an actual Golden Age villain or a retcon?
120 Crack-Up on Campus Dec. 1969 B
Modok seriously has nothing better to do than be behind campus unrest?
119 Now Falls the Skull Nov. 1969 C
What a fizzled ending!
118 The Falcon Fights on Oct. 1969 B
Still looking good here...
117 The Coming of the Falcon Sept. 1969 B
A bit of a detour, but the Skull/Cap clash still has some momentum
116 Far Worse Than Death Aug. 1969 A-
A clever and fun premise, getting to see the "Skull" doing exciting stuff!
115 Now Begins the Nightmare! July 1969 A+
Man, could Lee write exciting cliffhangers!
114 The Man behind the Mask! June 1969 C+
113 The Strange Death of Captain America C-
112 Lest We Forget! April 1969 B-
The last you see of Kirby on this title for awhile.
111 Tomorrow You Live Tonight I Die! A+
Steranko finally hits his stride, only to jump ship after this issue.
110 No Longer Alone! Feb. 1969 C+
109 The Hero That Was! Jan. 1969 C
108 The Snares of the Trapster! Dec. 1968 A-
This issue has everything but a satisfying explanation at the end. A real classic Cap adventure. And has the Trapster ever been treated more seriously?
107 If The Past Be Not Dead … Nov. 1968 B+
106 Cap Goes Wild Oct. 1968 B+
105 In the Name of Batroc! Sept. 1968 B-
104 Slave of the Skull! Aug. 1968 A+
103 The Weakest Link! July 1968 A

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