Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spider-Man 2 Review

Last night [8/8/2004], I finally got to see Spider-Man 2! What an incredible experience. So much was spot-on in this film. Particularly Dr. Octopus. What an inspired casting!

I loved all the bits from the comic books. This movie had a lot of the Stan Lee/John Romita run from the late 60’s in it. The costume on the garbage can is from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #100. Peter DID own a motor scooter in his early college days. Peter “talking” to Uncle Ben was an unusual choice, though. It was never done in the comics until David Micheline wrote it in #350! I think there’s only three named characters in the whole movie who were made up for the movie.

The theme of responsibility carries over from the first movie, of course, but you just can’t do Spider-Man and ignore that issue. More interesting is the reoccuring theme of gravity. There’s the battle up and down the side of the building, on the side of the train, and even Doc Ock’s machine bends gravity. It’s not a theme that’s integral to the character, of course, but it helps link everything in the movie together.

I never thought it would happen, but this just might be the movie that surpasses Unbreakable as best comic book movie EVER.

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