Saturday, August 25, 2007

OGRE Review

After owning it for 3 years, I finally got Tyler [my son] to play OGRE with me. Is this ever Old School! After playing Heroscape with its painted minis, Ty was disoriented at first by wargaming with chits. The layout of the tiny rulebook was confusing and I had to flip around a lot before I realized I simply had to keep a bookmark on the attack tables page buried in the middle of the book. Basically, unless there were more rules than I understood there to be, the OGRE tank always wins unless through some fluke. I was defending with infantry and a heavy mortar. Tyler delighted in running over and shooting down all my infantry units. I managed to only slow his movement by 1/3 by shooting at his tank treads and disabled 3 of his 8 laser cannons. Maybe you’re supposed to try only one tactic or the other, but there was no way I could try both before my troops were gone.

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