Monday, August 20, 2007

Heroes (the tv show) Mini-Rant

I did not start watching the Heroes TV show when it first came out, but I tried it during the mini-marathon NBC ran at the beginning of the year [2007] and was hooked. Here were some of the very elements I had tried to bring to Superland [one of my old rpgs], including meshing the superhero genre with the “real” world while retaining a sense of fun.

After last Monday’s episode [as of Feb. 23], I’m wondering if the show is drifting away from what I liked best about it. Hiro (the best character in the show) is beginning to come off as less fun and more naive. Worse, the focus on Syler’s serial killings is seriously threatening to derail my enjoyment of the show. Justice is a key concept to the superhero genre. If villains don’t get their comeuppance in some manner, then the story focus becomes one of victimization rather than heroism. People are getting killed. If this is the superhero genre, then why is no one saving or avenging them?

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