Monday, September 10, 2007

An Alternate Campaign Path

Campaign Overview
The goal of this campaign would be to re-experience a wealth of Old School gaming in as short a time as possible, taking a tour of various classic modules, game settings, and early incarnations of the D&D rules.

Year 1
Month 1 (representing 1971)
Rules: Chainmail
Setting: Castle Blackmoor
PCs: 1st level
PCs, newbies all, decide to explore that old haunted castle.

Month 2 (1972)
Rules: Blackmoor house rules
Setting: Town of Blackmoor
PCs: 2nd level
The PCs explore the surrounding town between delves into the castle dungeon.

Month 3 (1973)
Rules: same
Setting: Environs of Blackmoor
PCs: 3rd level
The PCs are attracting attention around town and are being asked to take care of things outside the city, like securing Wolf’s Head Pass.

Month 4 (1974)
Rules: D&D, 1st ed.
Setting: Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure (El Raja Key)
PCs: 4th level
The PCs are asked to go to Glendower to explore Maure Castle .

Month 5 (1975)
Rules: D&D, 1st ed., with Greyhawk & Blackmoor
Setting: Temple of the Frog
PCs: 5th level
The PCs learn of shenanigans going on at the temple and need to deal with them.

Month 6 (1976)
Rules: D&D, 1st ed., supplements I-IV
Setting: Lost Caverns of Tsjoconth
PCs: 6th level
Learning of the lost treasure trove, the PCs go treasure hunting!

Month 7 (1977)
Rules: D&D, 1st ed., + AD&D Monster Manual
Setting: City State of the Invincible Overlord
PCs: 7th level
The PCs find a magic portal that leads to the city state. The PCs are unknowns there, but could become somebodies here!

Month 8 (1978)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (MM, PH)
Setting: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl
PCs: 8th level
The PCs are hired to deal with a cursed valley full of giants near the city.

Month 9 (1979)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (MM, PH, DMG)
Setting: Village of Hommlet
PCs: 9th level
A high priest of Lolth and his forces are hiding out in the moathouse by this large village.

Month 10 (1980)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (MM, PH, DMG, FF)
Setting: Isle of Dread
PCs: 10th level
While sailing back to Blackmoor, the PCs land on the Isle.

Month 11 (1981)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed.
Setting: Assault on the Aerie of the Slavelords
PCs: 11th level
The PCs, now barons of Blackmoor, go to Suderham (read, Maus) to deal with those darn slavelords.

Month 12 (1982)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed.
Setting: Lost City
PCs: 12th level
A curse laid on the PCs by the slavelords trap them in a buried pyramid full of monsters.

Year 2
Month 1 (1983)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (+MM2)
Setting: Ravenloft
PCs: 13th level
The magic portal under the pyramid that led to “freedom” instead leads to the domain of a vampiric arch-mage.

Month 2 (1984)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed.
Setting: Dragons of Despair
PCs: 14th level
The lands neighboring the vampire’s domain are plagued by gigantic dragons.

Month 3 (1985)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (+UA, OA)
Setting: Temple of Elemental Evil
PCs: 15th level
The way home for the PCs is guarded by a demon princess and hidden in her elemental nodes.

Month 4 (1986)
Rules: AD&D, 1st ed. (+DSG, WSG)
Setting: Treasure Hunt
PCs: 16th level
The PCs arrive on an island near Blackmoor, where they easily best the local gnolls.

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