Thursday, September 27, 2007

Justice Knights (fanfiction concept)

Justice Knights of the Round Table = Justice Society of America
King Artur Bendragon (= Sandman): Inherited Cornwall and Britain from his father Uter. He wields an enchanted sword, Calibrun, given him by the Lady of the Lake , that makes anyone struck by it fall asleep (and presumedly bleed to death). He rules from the City of London . His wife is a Roman noblewoman named Ganhumara. He is accompanied by his bastard son, Amr, and his dog, Cabal.
Queen Ganhumara Bendragon (= Red Tornado): Desires to be a knight and will often dress as one and seek adventure. Artur and his knights are aware of her deception and mock her ambitions.
Sir Bedwyr (= Flash): Welshman and Artur’s first recruited follower. Artur recently made him the Duke of Neustria. Bedwyr lost a hand when lightning struck him during the Battle of Mont. St. Michael, but that lightning bolt also gave him magical swiftness. He moves twice as fast as the swiftest falcon.
Sir Cei (pronounced Kay, = Hawkman): Artur’s half-Welsh nephew, Cei carries a magical shield with the device of a hawk on it and allows Cei to levitate and glide through the air. He is a powerful, almost unbeatable warrior and heavy drinker.
Bard Taliesin (= Johnny Thunder): Welsh bard who has traveled infrequently with Artur since Artur’s Annwyn campaign. Taliesin freed Dagda, a lesser god and former king of the tuatha de Danaan, from the Cauldron of Plenty in Annwyn. Dagda is now Taliesin’s companion and wields powerful magic to help him. Taliesin often finds himself in adventures for which his martial skills are inadequate, causing the knights to mock him.
Sir Peredur (= Dr. Fate): Welshman and Keeper of the Cauldron of Plenty. He can draw on great magical might from the Cauldron.
Sir Gwalchmei (= Hourman): Another of Artur’s nephews, Gawaine ate a magic apple while in Annwyn that granted him the strength of 12 men for one hour each morning.
Myrddin (= Spectre): Advisor to Artur, as he was to Uter before him, Myrddin is a half-human, half-demon prophet with great magical power.
Sir Drustanus (= Green Lantern): Pict prince loyal to King Mark and, above him, Artur. While in Ireland , Drustanus found a magic torch that burns with a green flame. The torch has other magic powers.
Sir Erec (= Atom): The newest, and a very promising, knight of the brand new Round Table. He is a Gaul and the most romantic of the knights. He is also the shortest of the knights.

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