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Umbral Gloom Fiend from Dragon #353 retroconverted to AD&D 1st ed.

[Originally posted to Greytalk, April 2007]
Fiend, Umbral Gloom
No. Appearing: 1 or 1-6
Armor Class: -3
Move: 18”//18”
Hit Dice: 7+24
% in Lair: 5%
Treasure Type: B
No. of Attacks: 8 tentacles
Damage/Attack: 1-6/tentacle
Special Attacks: Engulf, spells
Special Defenses: +1 or better weapon to hit, regenerate 1 hp/rd, spells
Magic Resistance: 55%
Intelligence: Very
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Large (9’ in diameter)
Psionic Attack Strength: 150
Attack/Defense Modes: E/F, G

Umbral glooms are servitors of an evil goddess, both summoned by her clergy and sent to punish them. Glooms appear to be masses of rubbery, glistening black tentacles studded with purple eyes of varying size. Although large, umbral glooms are made up mostly of shadow and are very light. They like to sneak up on their victims under cover of magical darkness and engulf them.

Umbral glooms have 120’ infra-vision, a 70% chance of hiding in shadows (as per thieves), and have a +4 bonus to saving throws vs. enchantment/charm and illusions. Once per day, a gloom can share this bonus by touch, lasting 7 rounds. Each strike with a tentacle requires a saving throw vs. spells or the victim suffers hopelessness (as per a symbol of hopelessness). A gloom can try to engulf one man-sized opponent or two small-sized opponents. Victims must save vs. wands or be engulfed; engulfed victims have a -2 penalty to hit, no chance of casting spells, and must save vs. hopelessness each round engulfed. In addition, glooms have the following spell-like abilities: darkness 15’ radius at will, knock 1/turn, teleport (to shadows within 360’ only) 1/turn, scare 3/day, plane shift (self to Demi-Plane of Shadow only) 3/day, and phantasmal killer 1/day. They are immune to blindness, cold, energy drain, poison, sleep, paralysis, and polymorph.

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